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Best B2 Audio Equipment for Your Car in 2021

For a few decades technology has been growing rapidly. In each sector technology growth has served humanity in surprising ways. However common people have the most benefits. People who don’t have knowledge concerning technology use its inventions very well. This article is about B2 Audio.

We all want every kind of comfort. And we want it everywhere. We are talking about technology. It’s a necessity to discuss electronic equipment. 

B2 Audio is a company that manufactures compact electronic equipment.  These electronics are useful for cars. This is only for people who love a good music environment in their cars.

B2 audio is a world-famous manufacturer of car electronics. You can easily find each and everything you need to make your car more stylish.   

Before going to its equipment; I want to discuss the B2 itself. 

A brief introduction about B2 audio: 

B2 audio is a famous brand of electronics. It comes under the company G2 dynamics.  It manufactures audio devices for cars. B2 makes Bluetooth devices, speakers, subwoofers level, and amplifiers. It gives quality equipment speakers and accessories in a very affordable budget. 

B2 car audio came with one major aim. To create a franchise where people will get quality equipment. B2audio does not deal with cheap products. It does not want to save money and serve people with dissatisfaction. 

There was a large group of audiophiles. They were from Denmark. They had come forward with their research. These audiophiles worked hard and established B2 car audio. 

B2 audio store came into the market in 2008. It is setting new standards and pushing our limits. The company works with a motive. It says to never settle for just well enough. They want to provide the best products to the industry. 

The store manufactures products for the average user in the world. It comes with a target of persuading industry professionals. 

Products list of B2 car audio:

1. Subwoofers:

B2 creates fantastic subwoofers for cars. Here are some of the subwoofers listed below. 

  • REF8W:

REF8W is one very new product of subwoofers. B2 launched it in 2020. As some cars came with the 8” speaker in the system then REF8W became the instant choice of users.

It can run with any application. You can use it with woofers, mid-woofers, and mid-range. Its specification is as follows:

Frequency response 40hz-6khz
sensitivity 95dB
Nominal impedance 4 ohm
DC resistance(RE) 3.6 Ohm
Resonance Frequency (FS) 42 Hz
Power Handling 200 watts
QMS 8.3
QES 0.16
MMS 32 gm
Voice Call Diameter 2” (inside/ outside/ winding)
BL 14.3
Magnet Type Strontium 
XMAX 5 mm
Displacement 0.069 cu.ft/ 1.94L
  • X2SIX:

X2SIX is an advance modification of X2C. It is made of only premium material. X2C became an instant hit by giving a 5” voice coil in a 15” sub. X2SIX gives you a 6” coil, larger spiders, and stiff cones. We had an upgrade the motor to a neodymium one. 

It also includes an N52 grade, 7.32 cubic inches (118.125 cm3), and a surface field of nearby 5.5K gauss. 

X2SIX comes in a series of different models. 

Nominal Impedance Dual 0.8 ohm
Sensitivity 94.34 dB
VAS 27.81 L
Power Handling 6000 WATTS
Voice Call Diameter 6”
XMAX 45 mm
CMS 32.23 um/N
DC resistance series(RE) 1.24 Ohm
QMS 4.73
Peak Dynamic 24000 watts

2. Amplifiers:

B2 audio creates high quality amplifier. B2 amplifiers are one of a kind. They take inspiration from old devices. It makes equipment the most advanced in technology. 

  • The great white:

The great white works on voltage 9V to 17.5 V. This makes it perfect for the future standards of battery technology. Lithium, LTO, Life Po4 can easily configure to a higher voltage than the traditional 12 V batteries. 

Frequency response 10Hz-30Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio >95 dB
Input Sensitivity  5 v- 0.2 v
Crossover 24dB/oct
Low pass crossover 35Hz-250Hz
Subsonic Crossover 10Hz-50Hz
Bass Boast @ 45 Hzt 0-9 dB
Phase 0-180
Damping factor >400
Power terminal Guage 0 GA x4
Fuse Rating 1600 A
Operational Voltage 9V- 16V(18V)
Dimensions  37.8”x12.4”x2.95”

960x315x75 MM

Power @4ohm 14.4 v

             @4 ohm 16 v

6500 W

7500 W

3. Speakers:

Ask for a speaker. You will surely get B2 audio speakers from any good store. B2 store provides you the best quality audio speakers. 

  • Rage P8PWR:

The upper frequencies of the RAGE6/ RAGE8 & RAGE 10 have design that can give a linear but peaked response of up to 5 dB compared to frequencies below 3KHz. 

Frequency Response 70Hz-6 KHz
Sensitivity 95.5 dB
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
DC resistance 3.6 Ohm
Resonance Frequency(FS) 83 Hz
Power Handling 275 watts
QMS 14.7 
QES 0.46
QTS 0.45
VAS 14.1 L
Voice call Diameter 2.35”
Recommended cut off
BL^2/RE 17.8
Depth 4.1”/105 mm
Outer Dim(cross section) 8.39”/213 mm
Cutout 9.21”/234mm
  • RIOT loudspeaker:

RIOT-65” coaxial uses a composite cone. It is to maintain efficiency & rigidity. This loudspeaker has a very light mass. The sound seems very natural. It is clearly worthy its price. 

Frequency response 60 Hz-23 KHz
Sensitivity 91.4 DB
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
DC resistance(RE) 3.4 Ohm
Resonance Frequency (FS) 62 Hz
Power Handling 75 watts
Peak Dynamic Power Handling 150 watts
QMS 3.55
QES 0.83
QTS 0.675
VAS 12.69L
Voice call diameter 13.18 gm
CMS 502 um/N
MMS 13.18 g
BL  4.58
DC Resistance(RE) 3.4 ohm
Resonance Frequency(FS) 1.8 KHz
Power Handling 15 watts
  • Reference V-2 MANI:

The material chosen and designed for this b2 car audio is unique itself. This comes in 3 speakers sets. The new basket has inspiration of our subwoofers. It offers the same SAFT & OCAF tech. 

Frequency Response 50Hz-4KHz
Sensitivity 89.6 dB
Nominal Impedance 4 ohm
DC resistance(RE) 3.6 ohm
Resonance Frequency(FS) 55Hz
Power Handling 100 watts
QMS 2.68
QES 0.5
QTS 0.42
VAS  11.67L
CMS 439 um/L
MMS 16.4 g
Voice call diameter 1.2”
BL 5.9
Magnet Type Strontium
XMAX 5 mm


B2 audio 6.5 has the best car audio equipment for you. You can buy these on amazon and Walmart too.

Thank you for reading this blog. Visit again.

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