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Can You Really Get Free Money on Cash App?

A lot of people will salivate over the words ‘free money’. The real question is: is it possible and if so where? We’ll talk about how to get free money on Cash App in this guide.

Cash App has been widely popular for sending money to friends or family. Of course, it’s also in competition with other apps like PayPal and Venmo. However, some people can’t resist the idea of earning a little extra money (albeit free).

Granted, there are plenty of scams out there that are promising free money. For this reason, people tend to be guarded, even skeptical. Yet, this way of getting free money on Cash App is as legit as it gets.

Let’s show you how it’s done.


One of the best ways to make free money on Cash App is by referring your friends. What you’ll need to do is invite your friends to sign up for an account. Once successful, you can earn a reward for every successful referral.

How much do you earn for each referral? Typically, it will be $5 for every successful referral. However, there may be a special bonus at the time.

For example, as of June 2022, there’s a signup bonus. You can share your code with a friend. Once they sign up and make a payment of $5 or more within 14 days of the account creation, you both get a bonus of $30.

Likewise, you can share this code with your social media and earn more money that way. Some may sign up and others may not. But it’s a great way to leverage your social media following by earning some money on the side.

Complete a transaction

If you complete a transaction within the first 14 days of signing up on the Cash App, you can earn $5 back. But you will need to make a transaction of at least $5 or more. Anything after the 14-day period, you will earn nothing this way.

So make sure you get it done within that period of time. Otherwise, you will need to rely on the other methods such as referrals and what we’ll be mentioning next on the list.

Approving a payment

You can earn money on Cash App by approving a payment. If a person is sending you money for the first time on the app, you can authorize it. From there, you can earn an additional amount of money.

This can be linked to special bonuses that may be going on during that time (see the June 2022 sign-up bonus we mentioned earlier). Approving a payment or making one, there seem to be plenty of ways to earn free money on Cash App within a certain time period.

Requesting money

This seems simple enough. All you need to do is request money from a person using their $cashtag, email address, and phone number. Don’t forget to add a memo to let them know what the money will be for.

It’s good to remind them about it in a memo if you have talked about it beforehand with the person in question. But you don’t have to use the feature if you don’t need to. Once the money request is fulfilled, you should have what you need.

Cash card boosts

One of the best ways to earn free money from Cash App is the Visa debit card that they issue. From there, you can activate what is known as spending boosts. You can get these boosts and one-time discounts from participating online stores.

If you use the debit card regularly, you can earn free money on Cash App on a regular basis. You can use that extra cash to buy items you want or even send them to other people. You can still earn money with in-store shopping (at participating brands).

However, the wait time will be around one to two weeks. If you need immediate payment, online is the way to go. Either way, you’ll get free money just by shopping at some of your favorite stores.

If that ain’t a huge reward on your part, we don’t know what is. How can you say no to a legitimate way to earn free money?

Final Thoughts

If you use Cash App, it is possible to earn money in so many ways. You can refer your friends, shop your favorite stores, or take certain actions within a short period of time after signing up. You might use that free money to your advantage.

You could be saving up for something big. Or you might have some money off to the side that you can use for spending. Either way, you can use Cash App and earn along the way.

What you do with that free money is all up to you.         

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