A deep dive into ADSS Mobile App

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

When it comes to picking a brokerage firm to work with, it can be tricky for novice traders. This is because different brokers provide different services, products, commissions, fees, and customer support. In this ADSS review, we take a look at the brokerage firm’s mobile app, its features, and what traders can do with it. For those interested, make sure to keep reading below.

ADSS background

ADSS is a GCC-based brokerage firm that provides traders with the highest quality investment opportunities and a rewarding trading experience due to the broker’s multi-asset trading technology, a personalized view of the markets, access to liquidity and instruments, as well as support from a team of highly knowledgeable specialists. On the whole, ADSS remains dedicated to improving opportunities and enhancing the trading experience of all its clients. 

Regulations and licenses

ADSS is regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. As a responsible brokerage firm, ADSS is committed to offering traders a fair, competitive, and transparent trading environment. Due to this, ADSS is trusted by users both locally and worldwide. The brokerage firm also adheres to the strictest standards for personal privacy.

Currently, ADSS is the proud winner of the Best Forex Broker Middle East at the Forex Expo Dubai 2022, as well as the Most Trusted Forex Broker at the Fazzaco Business Awards 2022.

Products Offered

ADSS provides traders with access to the global markets with its wide range of offerings. These include trading CFDs on forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and crypto. Traders can also monitor price movements with daily market updates direct to their inbox and never miss a trade. Here, we take a look at a few products offered by the investment firm. 


Traders can trade CFDs on over 60 currency pairs in the forex market, which is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. There are no hidden fees, so traders will always know what they are getting into. Traders can explore major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, minors such as NZD/CHF, and exotics such as EUR/TRY. There is a market-leading leverage of up to 500:1, along with some of the most competitive spreads in the industry. 


Traders looking to trade something new can do so with the ADSS app. They have the option of getting involved with trading CFDs on some of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Traders can easily access competitive spreads, a dedicated account manager, as well as educational and research tools. They can even go long and short to find opportunities in the crypto market, regardless of its direction. 


Commodity traders are in for a treat when working with ADSS. The brokerage firm allows users to take advantage of market volatility and choose from CFDs on spot commodities and futures. Some popular assets include metals (like gold), energy products (like crude oil), and agricultural products (like coffee). Traders can trade per whole tick movement with zero commissions and no hidden fees.


Traders can definitely trade individual stocks with the GCC-based broker. They can take a view of companies listed on stock exchanges around the world, in addition to GCC-based ones. Some of these stocks include Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, Boeing, Meta and more. With ADSS, traders can keep an eye on the news with their market updates and be amongst the first to spot the next big thing happening in the market. 


Traders also have the option of trading indices, if they do not want to simply trade individual stocks. Indices on offer include the Dow Jones, the DAX, FTSE, NASDAQ, S&P 500, and more, with a leverage of up to 333:1. Traders can take advantage of some of the tightest spreads in the market, as well as respond to global events, capitalize on volatile markets, or gain exposure to an entire economy or sector.

App features

There are a few features that make trading with the ADSS app unique. The first is the ‘Recently Viewed’ feature, which learns as a trader explores and trades using the app. The feature also dynamically updates the app to suit a trader’s preferences and choices, allowing for a smoother trading experience.

On the whole, the trading app is extremely easy-to-read and provides intuitive details on all trades made. These include data such as the trade’s direction, quantity, and profit and loss, which are all visible on the preview. To see this information, traders only need to expand trade to see its full breakdown, which allows them to make better-informed trading decisions in the long run. 

Another thing that makes the app great is that the brokerage firm provides a seamless experience across both mobile and desktop devices. This means there is no slippage or lag time when switching or moving between devices. Traders can even use both platforms at the same time if they prefer. Therefore, traders no longer have to compromise on speed or functionality when trading. With the mobile app, traders can trade anytime, anywhere, allowing them to keep up with the markets and spot new opportunities as they arise.

How to download

ADSS makes it incredibly easy for traders to download their trading app. They can either visit the App Store or Google Play Store and download the mobile platform in a few clicks. This is entirely free to do. Afterward, traders can either log in to their trading account or choose to create an account directly from the app itself.

Can I access the ADSS app abroad?

If traders are using ADSS’ Android or iOS app, certain geo-restriction functionalities may block access to the trading app due to regulation or operating system restrictions. ADSS states that it will not be liable for any losses arising from an inability to access the applications in these particular territories. The list of regions can be found on ADSS’ official website. If traders are denied access to the trading platform from the app, they can attempt to access their account via the ADSS web platform. Or they have the option of contacting ADSS’ customer service representatives either by phone or email.

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