What is Affiliate Asset Solutions?

What is Affiliate Asset Solutions?

In recent years, debt-collecting companies have emerged in the market like mushrooms. Today you can easily find out a debt collection company calling you for payment. Debt collection companies are those who work as a third party to call the lender and ask for money. This article is about Affiliate Asset Solutions.

Generally, these companies make a deal with the company that has to lend you money on partnership or shifting of ownership of the loan. Affiliate Asset Solution is one such company in the market. 

However, as the numbers are growing day by day, the chances of scams are higher than ever. You may get a call from such a debt collection company that has no record in the government documents. 

So what to do when someone is making a contact with you for payment? In this article, you will get each detail about this. 

What is Affiliate Asset Solutions?

David A. Strout launched his own company named Affiliate Asset Solutions in the year 2015. It is a new company with respect to the others in the market. Currently, twenty-four employees are working in the company. David A. Strout is the present CEO and president of the company. 

The company work as a third party calling the customers and asking them to pay the right amount to the lender. The company website clearly says that they are legit and promote no illegal activity. However, this may or may not be the truth. In these 7 years of the company’s work-life, it has faced a number of legal cases (not directly) for using the non-acceptable work culture of the employees of the company

People around the country have lodged nearly 50 legal cases against the company. Although these are not directly on the lender company. In these legal cases, 19 were closed and the rest are still open. Some of them are regarding billing and collections. Others are with regard to sales & advertisement. 

Are Asset Affiliate Asset Solutions legal?

The company is legit and fully legal. There is no doubt about it. In its 7 years of work, it has made a name in the marketplace. The Better Business Bureau has been accredited with this company and working together since 15 July 2016. 

The company has good reviews about its working culture and is praised in the market. However, BBB has given it an A- rating. 

So if you get a call from Affiliate Asset Solutions, it may be a legit call from the company. But be aware of scams.

How to be safe from the scammer?

It is very common getting a call from a debt collection company like Affiliate Asset Solutions. There are so many of them. Hence, scammers gain benefits from this. They call and harass consumers to pay. You may be the next one. It’s better if you know how to deal with them. For this, you need to understand the rights that you have. 

The government has given you rights to your debt. Fair debt collection practices can help you greatly in such situations. Below are the following conditions when you should contact a consumer lawyer for your help. 

  1. The caller is using sensible language to you. 
  2. Regularly calling you at work when you have warned them not to do so. 
  3. Threatening you for legal action. However, they don’t have any authority for doing so. 
  4. Calling you at random times. 
  5. Disclosing the details of your debt with other people. 

What to do to protect yourself against false claims?

If someone tries to harass you with false allegations of debt, you can use the following strategies. 

  • Ask them directly about the verification of the charges. It is an easy but effective method. If they fail, it can be a false call from a scammer. 
  • Validate their identification. Ask for the notices and official letters. 
  • Government laws are your shield. In any critical situation, hire an experienced professional debt collection lawyer who can help you. 

Cases on Affiliate Asset Solutions:

In its 7 years of working, Affiliated Asset Solution has won much appreciation from the industries. However, there are some who have filed complaints against the company. 

A total of 46 cases are on the Assets Solutions Company. 38 of them were in regard to billing and collection. 7 of them are in regard to products and services. 

‘Assist Affiliate Solution’ is facing cases in regard to improper billing techniques and misguidance.

If a debt series agent calls your house, remember:

  • They need to display evidence of ID
  • They aren’t a bailiff (enforcement agent) or a sheriff officer, and pretending to be any such may be a crook offense
  • You ought not to open the door or allow them to in. 
  • They need to depart in case you ask them to
  • They can’t take something out of your house

Should I pay an Affiliate debt collector agency?

If an agent visits you at your home, you don’t pay them a single rupee in cash. It’s smart to contact the organization later and get what order you could realistically afford.

If you do make any bills to a set agent who calls at your domestic, ensure you spot their ID first and get a receipt for the bills. Don’t allow them to strain you into paying extra than you could afford.

How do I recognize the debt series corporation is real?

Most debt series companies are regulated with the aid of using the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and preserving a legitimate customer credit score license. You can touch the FCA to test if a set corporation is certified or take a look at the FCA register.

Most series companies also are participants of exchange our bodies including the Credit Services Association. If their letter indicates the brand of an exchange body, you may additionally touch them to verify they’re real.

You also can touch us if you’re unsure. We address all essential UK debt series companies and we are able to inform you if a business enterprise is legitimate.

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