Amex Smart Earn Card Review

Credit cards are beneficial for cashless transactions, especially during peak times. Most companies offer special credit card payment discounts to make this payment system popular. But it will only help if the credit card is charged high. Many banks are trying to issue smart value credit cards to solve this problem. The American Express Smart Earn credit card is one of them. Here we will take a look at the brighter Amex smart earn card and Amex brilliant earn credit card review carefully and precisely. 

We will cover all aspects well. In this article, we will discuss Amex brilliant earn credit card review.

Amex Smart Earn Card Rewards

The brighter American Express credit card gives you great rewards in the form of discounts, membership points, and cashback.

This US Amex smart earn card thoroughly answers the main reason for using credit things, as you will get a considerable discount if you buy through the online platform. Let’s discuss the offer and its accessibility.

What Are Membership points?

There is no direct cash reward here. Your account will receive bonus points each time you use the card to make a purchase. These bonus points have a value of up to two cents each and can be used for any purchase, including cash transactions.

Are Membership points worthy?

If you hoard 24,000 points, it is equivalent to 24 carats of gold. You can also choose from other options—Tanishq voucher with 10,000 reward points.

Likewise, if you hoard 18,000 points, it equates to a collection of 18-karat gold. Other options are available and adjusted to the previous MR/offer ratio.

What Differentiates Amex Smart Earn Card From Other Credit Cards?

Some other same-level debit cards like HSBC brilliant value credit card, CitiBank card, Visa, and others. The basic system, like service and security, is almost the same for them, but none of them offer the best value provided. Let’s differentiate these.

Who Should Opt For The Amex Smart Earn Card?

This smart earn card is perfect for people who spend a lot of money each month. They get a lot of wise earn credit card Amex bright makes credit card benefits from this card. People who are looking for a credit card where they can earn rewards points should consider this one.

People who understand the expense/facilities ratio well can be the primary users of this intelligent earn Amex credit card.

They use the card properly so they may take advantage of all its features. They can make the best use of perks like cashback, reward points, and membership points. They are well aware of the deals and discounts available and the areas where they used. Do your research thoroughly now before making any purchases. The card only fits those for whom the value of a single dollar is considerable.

Features And Benefits

Credit cards with the same Amex Smart Earn Card provide a similar service. There is nothing special in that perspective to discuss elaborately. Still, consider some key advantages.

After technology service:

Like others, it additionally has 24X7 hours card associated assistance. If you misplaced your card, there might be a facility for emergency card substitute and 0 misplaced card liability. But there may be a misconception. You must file within three days from the day you misplaced it. Otherwise, your rate might be 12 dollars!

You can convert any buy into EMI schemes via way of means of the use of this card. And you may pay off with a hobby fee of 12%, consistent with the annum.

Make the renewal price:

This is only sometimes a benefit. Instead, it’s far only coverage of attracting the clients to apply for their card! If you operate the cardboard for transactions over $ 40000 a year, the renewal expenses are waived off for the following year.

It can be helpful for a few customers wondering if the renewal price is an `extra` expense.

Use this card everywhere you like:

As this is commonplace anywhere within the country, you don’t need to face any difficulty paying payments through this card. As I informed you earlier, you may convert the invoice into month-to-month installments using cardboard.


We all know that everyone charges both the user and the store. At this point, it may lag behind others. That’s why we will get offers and discounts at selected restaurants and shopping platforms. Because Amex charges the stores a bit high, making the cards unattractive to them. The stores have to deal with a large amount of money. A slight difference of just 1% or even 0,5% makes a big difference to them. So, they prefer to use something other than that card.


This has received a rating based on the following five criteria:

Ease of use: When the cashback or rewards system is clear, understandable, and easy to use those rewards. We have also considered the Amex wise earn credit card limit for getting these bonus points.

Extras: These include additional benefits offered by the card other than the usual payment method, such as airport lounges, welcome benefits, insurance premiums, and more.

Card costs: Annual fees, additional fees, hidden fees, and discounts all make up for this.

Availability: The card can be used by anyone, and the eligibility criteria are difficult to meet.

Acceptance: Universal acceptance of the Amex Smart Earn Card is essential and constitutes another critical factor in the issuer’s credibility.

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