Best Costco TV Stand for Your Home 2023

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Having a TV with a TV stand is always a classy choice. A few decades earlier people used to keep a stand for their TV similar to a big table or cupboard. Today we are using hi-tech smart TV or at least big LCD TVs or LED TVs. They have the option of keeping them attached to a wall. You can do that and in modern times it can be a smart choice. But if you are a person who likes old kinds of stuff and finds a class in them. Here is one important thing you can buy a TV stand from the Costco TV stand shop. 

Costco Wholesale Corporation or simply Costco is an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership. Costco is famous for its variety of products and reliability.

Today we are going to dive deep into the discussion of Costco Wholesale Corporation and will see how it’s a great place for your shopping.

What is Costco Wholesale Corporation? 

Costco Wholesale Corporation or simply Costco is an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership. For buying from the Costco Wholesale Corporation, you must have to have a membership in this store. Here let me tell you that Costco is the 5th largest retailer in the world. In 2016 Costco Wholesale Corporation was the largest retailer of choice and prime best, organic foods and rotisserie chicken and wine. 

45 years ago, James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman founded Costco Wholesale Corporation named Price Club. Costco Wholesale sells almost everything you will need. From home appliances to groceries, from baby powder to beauty makeup, you will get everything you need. 

Costco TV stand for your home:

Costco wholesale cooperation is one of the greatest retailers of this era. It is a fact that you can each and everything you will need in your home at an affordable price. But one thing that has attracted me is the Costco TV stands. Costco TV stands are really outstanding and of international quality. These are unique in design, stylish and quality in the material by which all these Costco entertainment centers or Costco TV stands are made.  

Today we are going to see the best Costco TV stands that can level up your home’s style and aura. So kindly read the full article with full concentration. 

1. TResanti Benson TVconsole with Classicflame fireplace  TV stand:

There is nothing better than a TV stand with a fireplace at Costco. Costco TV stand is a collection is giving you luxury with this item. This is a large TV stand. TVs up to 80 inches and up to 90 lbs can be easily placed over them. The best part is its compatibility with its size. You can even fit an AC power shaft in this. 

The main attraction of this is the fireplace in it and one electric fan attached to it. The electric fireplace is given a temperature monitor. This is installed for safety purposes. It is 74.0” W x 17.38” D x 30.0” H. It is available at a price of $ 700.

2. Berenger 65” Media Console: 

This Costco Console Table is a 65” Berenger Media console. It recreates the improvised, utilitarian look of early 20th-century factory furniture. Its construction is solid pine and its finishing is done with a café finish. It has exposed bolts and hammered metal drawer pulls. This Costco TV console has built-in cord management so you will not have any problems while using it. Its cross-braced detailing gives attraction to the whole masterpiece. Its dimensions are 24” H x 65” W x 20” D and its weight are 90 lbs. This beautiful Costco TV stand is available only for $ 750 on the official website of Costco. 

3. Kerrigan TV console:

This Costco furniture is a masterpiece example of beauty and class. With this, your home will have a fairy tale corner. An accessory of beauty. This Costco entertainment center is a long box structure designed with glasses to make it more beautiful. The glass design makes four rectangular designs in front. 

This Costco TV stand is grey in color and its style is contemporary. Its weight is 192.5 lbs. Its dimensions are 72 in x 17.38 in x 34 in. you can fit this awesome work in any room but according to me; the best place for it is your hall where you can use it to hide champagnes. This beautiful TV stand is available at $ 600 only on the official website of Costco. 

4. East Lake Entertainment Wall TV stand:

If you can go on a high budget, I would highly recommend you to see this item in Costco TV stands collection. This is a huge television stand that will surely make you awe when you will see it. With 5 adjustable shelves and two big open shelves, it gives luxury to the one who buys it. 

This item is inspired by a simpler time with an old farmhouse charm. This is made of beautiful, custom-designed gunmetal finished hardware and an elegant stone finish. This TV stand is for an 80” inch TV and you will get inside chord management with it. Its dimensions are as follows:

1. TV console dimension:

  • 75” W x 18” D x 32” H. 
  • Weight: 177 lbs.

2. Pier Dimension: 

  • 24” W x 15.5” D x 78.25” H.
  • Weight: 86 lbs.

3. Overall 3pc entertainment wall dimension:

  • 123” W x 18” D x 78.25” H.
  • Weight: 349 lbs.

4. Walton 56 inch 3 in 1 TV stand:

The Walton 56” 3 in-1 TV stand stands very unique in the market. with its customized 3 options for keeping your TV, you can enjoy your television with a better experience every time. This TV stand is best for a 56” inch TV. This is made by Bayside Furnishings and it is framed by metal material. Its weight is 149.9 lbs and its dimensions are 56” in x 22.2” in x 55.2” in. this is available only at $ 450 on the official website of Costco.  

Summing Up

This was all about the TV stand by Costco. There are lots of producers of tv stands in the market. After all, this is upon you, what do you think? If you are satisfied reading this article, then what are you waiting for? Go and buy a Costco TV stand.

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