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Do Papa Johns Accept PayPal? Here is the Answer

Papa John’s has made improvements to its digital ordering process, including adding PayPal as a payment option for customers. A question arises do Papa Johns accept PayPal or not, papa johns gift card PayPal, papa johns PayPal not working, and can you pay for papa john’s with PayPal?

The pizza brand also launched Papa Track, a digital pizza tracking tool that allows customers to track pizza from the oven to delivery.

More than 55% of the brand’s nationwide pizza sales came from online orders by the end of 2016, and Papa John’s said it will continue to focus on developing a seamless digital experience through investment. into technology and innovation. The company also named its first chief digital and information officer, Mike Nettles.

With these enhancements, Papa John’s customers can personalize their shopping experience by choosing between platforms like PayPal, Visa Checkout, and Venmo’s PayShare. Let’s find the do papa johns accept PayPal or not.

About the best Papa John’s pizza

Papa John’s Restaurant is a famous American restaurant chain, specializing in making great pizzas. This is one of the best pizza places that you must consider when looking for a place to buy pizza.

Papa John`s was founded in 1984 as a small pizzeria in California. Today they have more than 14,000 stores worldwide and serve millions of customers every week. Their goal is to create delicious food at affordable prices while maintaining high standards for quality, value, nutrition, service, and cleanliness. Papa John`s is famous for the best papa john`s pizza and signature sauce. They are well-known for the usage of the most effective sparkling elements and for maintaining their recipes simple.

They use real cheese, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. He makes sure their dough is freshly mixed and handcrafted every day. Their dough is made with water, yeast, flour, salt, oil, and natural leavening agents. It is then stretched and folded several times before being rolled up and topped with sauce, toppings, and cheese.

But the question most Papa John’s customers have is whether it’s possible to pay at Papa John’s pizza restaurant with PayPal.

Therefore, in this article, I will answer the question about the possibility of paying with Paypal at Papa John’s pizzeria.

Do papa johns accept PayPal?

Fortunately, at Papa John`s, you can now make payments with PayPal, both on its offline website and on its online platform.

However, this will only be possible by paying through Papa John’s online platform, to do it you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Check your order:
  • Step 2: Choose your shipping address
  • Step 3: Choose PayPal as the payment method
  • Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to continue paying with your PayPal balance.

Once done, you will receive a successful payment. However, if you plan to pay with your PayPal balance at Papa John’s offline stores.

Next, you should consider purchasing a Papa John’s Gift Card with your PayPal balance as the default payment method for your purchases at Papa John`s.

Other Payment Methods Available at Papa John’s

Fortunately, Papa John`s has been able to sustain an iterative growth of accepted payment methods, both for offline and online restaurants, for those looking to shop online.

Therefore, among the payment methods available at Papa John`s Restaurant, you have full control over which payment method you want to use to pay for your purchases.

In this regard, here are the payment methods available at Papa John’s pizzeria.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card
  3. Google Pay
  4. Venmo
  5. Apple Pay
  6. Gift Cards
  7. Reward Points

Can You Pay Papa John’s with Cash App?

If you are looking to pay with your Cash App balance at Papa John’s, you should consider paying with your Cash App card. Do papa johns accept PayPal.

Because you can’t explicitly make payments through the cash app like you can with other mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Does Papa John’s take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a popular mobile payment service for people using Apple devices that, through Apple Pay, allows you to make contactless payments through an NFC reader.

Apple Pay is the accepted payment method at most Papa John’s stores, so you won’t have to worry about using your credit or debit card for every pizza purchase.

Do papa johns accept PayPal or not?

One of the top pizza joints in America, in my opinion, is Papa John’s. At least once a week, I’ll eat pizza. When they started shipping, I didn’t know what they were talking about. A few years later, I got a job at Papa John’s as a delivery driver. 

I don’t know anything about pizza delivery, but I learn pretty quickly. In the end, I became the person responsible for the whole operation. We deliver more than 100 pizzas per hour. It was quite impressive at the time. Today, we deliver thousands of pizzas every day. Papa John`s has become a staple in our household.

Can I Cancel Papa John’s order(s)

If you have placed an order through Papa John’s online platform and then decide to cancel the order you have placed.

The best thing to do is contact your local store to cancel your order.


In short, whether Do papa johns accept PayPal as a form of payment, the answer will be yes. It accepts transactions made via PayPal and its Gift Cards both online and in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Papa John’s accept PayPal Gift Card?

A. Do Papa Johns accept PayPal Gift Cards for online and in-store payments? Enter your promo code to enjoy your pizza for free.

2. How to pay using PayPal Gift Cards at Papa John’s?

A. Add a PayPal eGift Card to your wallet and use it to pay for your order by entering the 19-digit number listed on your eGift Card. Then dial your 4-digit PIN to complete your transaction.

3. Does Papa John’s accept Venmo?

A. At Papa John`s, you can use a variety of options to pay for your order. PayShare provided by Venmo has actually been accepted by the system. You can also pay with cash, credit, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout. Gift cards and rewards points are another payment option.

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