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The ebrandz reviews are wonderful.  Ebrands is one of the number one SEO company in globally. They deal in executing SEO, Pay Per Click(PPC), and social media campaigns for their clients. Moreover, the company is also certified by the search engines like google and Microsoft. They have experience of more than eighteen years. The location of office is in Mumbai, India. Since it is a global company they provide its services 24 hours a. The team strength of the company is great. They have almost Three fifty people on their staff.                                  

SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of digital marketing. This process used ensures that companies and brands continue to operate. However, the best thing about your web index is that having the right SEO system. It is one of the most important steps in protecting your business. The ebrandz reviews give a clear picture of the company. Moreover, It helps your company to grow and earn profit through their timely suggestions.

Services – ebrandz reviews

The company offers a wide range of services. Some of them are

  • PPC: Firstly,eBrandz has powerful PPC management products. 

It can also work with you to create the best advertising campaigns for your business. Moreover, the company is certified by Google and Bing. Reporting features include dashboards that track the results of PPC activities in detail 

  • SEO: Secondly, like their PPC service, eBrandz’s SEO plan is also divided into different parts: local and national SEO. Features include free audit reports, backlink reports, and analytical dashboards. These are for monitoring your website and creating content. 
  • Email marketing:-eBrandz’s email marketing services include list segmentation, online surveys, and A/B testing. Moreover, they have landing pages, personalized emails, click tracking and list import.
  • Social media: Social media marketing services include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These services are divided into six different plans. It provides content creation and pushes notification management. However, they can also manage your social media presence.
  •  Web Design: eBrandz, like many other online marketing companies, provide complete web design and development. You can view their web design services here. In terms of marketing and contextual advertising. Moreover, It can help design landing pages and advertisements. 
  • Reports:-Finally,eBrandz services include advanced reporting and analysis functions. You can access customizable reports and complex dashboards to track your marketing activities.

Pricing and Plans ebrandz reviews

Pricing and Plans eBrandz is one of the few services of them. The prices are on their website.

  • It divides your PPC product into four main parts: local, national, redirects, and e-commerce.
  • However, this segmentation is very suitable for small businesses of all sizes. 
  • This also means that ebrandz can provide you with a plan that suits your needs 
  • However, Local PPC prices range from US$145 to US$740 per month.
  • That too with multiple features related to keywords, remarketing, and the display network.
  • The National PPC plan is slightly more expensive, ranging from $239 to $1,599.
  •  PPC redirect products start at $89/month and include content such as ad optimization and display remarketing. 
  • Their PPC e-commerce service starts at $111 per month 
  • The ebrandz reviews show that It is one of the most transparent internet marketing companies.
  • Some institutions do not announce prices. Sometimes this means they can negotiate flexibly. 
  • However, by listing prices on its website, eBrandz is open to its services and costs.
  • This is very useful for business owners who want to compare several different offers without spending a lot of time selling.

All about ebrandz careers

The growth of a company mainly depends on the happiness of three people Clients, Management and staff are those members. Strong and capable staff are the backbone of any company. In Ebrandz employees are given high value. The company also focuses on the growth, change, and flexibility of its employees. So definitely you will have a great career in Ebrandz.

The ebrandz reviews of the employees themselves show the satisfaction level.

Some of the benefits the employees are enjoying are:

  • Firstly, the process of recruitment is quite friendly. There are only a few interview rounds
  • Secondly, the working time is flexible. Moreover, there is also shift timing.
  • However, It is also possible to work from home.
  • Another benefit is that salary payment is proper and regular
  • It is also possible to watch live events in the office such as cricket, the world cup, etc.
  • Moreover, the employees can approach the management team whenever.
  • The company also conducts seminars and  workshops for the upliftment of the employees
  • They also arrange cultural events for employees. This includes picnics and other festival celebrations
  • So you can go and search for jobs in ebrandz  inc

Customer Service of brands

Ebrandz provides support to customers through live chat, telephone, and email. The network marketing company has a wide and diverse client portfolio. This makes it a brilliant option for any type of business. Moreover, the company is also good at PPC management. This company gives a variety of packages. So that you can know in advance what you will get. This enables you to choose the plan that our business needs. The ebrandz glassdoor also reviews it as excellent.

Advantages and Limitations of  Ebrandz Inc

  • Firstly, Ebrandz is a full-service digital marketing agency. It offers discounts in all-important marketing areas,
  • Moreover, It has one of the most extensive pricing plans of any internet marketing company
  • Another advantage is that eBrandz is a transparent company. They give their features and prices on their website. 
  • However other companies are not so open about the cost of their services. 
  • Finally, ebrandz reviews show that it is cheaper than the other PPC management companies 
  • One of the disadvantages of the company is that they are outsourcing some projects
  • Another drawback is that you cannot find a  dedicated account manager 
  • There are also some ebrandz complaints about the employees.


The ebrandz reviews are good and satisfactory. The growth of the company is also overwhelming. It is a great platform for all who are looking forward to a work. Make use of the opportunity to explore yourself and grow with Ebrandz.

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