Control your Inbox with These Email Management Tricks

Are you overwhelmed with emails? Most people are! Emails have become the center of business communication and hence, unavoidable. Even in the coming years, email is going nowhere. However, if you need help with the sheer amount of emails you receive regularly, it is time to take control of your inbox.  

Unsubscribe from Irrelevant Newsletters 

Are you guilty of being a serial newsletter subscriber? There’s an opportunity for you to streamline and manage your inbox. Unsubscribe from the newsletters you don’t read anymore. You need to minimize their send frequency if you cannot unsubscribe. 

Delete Promotional Messages 

It is critical to remove unwanted emails and prioritize messages. Promotional sales messages take up a lot of space, and they must be the first ones to be eliminated. Go to the Promotional tab, select all and delete them. Then, go to the Trash and empty it. These sales messages can be distracting and take up much of your precious time.

The idea for removing them is to have an organized inbox that’s filled with letters and emails you need. Also, there’s a chance that these sales messages might consist of spam messages coming from unsecured email addresses. So, protecting yourself against identity theft and data breaches would be best. 

Move Similar Emails by Creating Labels

After removing all the unwanted emails, it is time to organize them by creating labels and folders. 

You can use labels to create a custom folder system to segregate your emails by clients, category, project, etc. All similar emails will be placed under a specific brand, which will help you find the messages you need quickly. 

It is possible to create labels on all email services. However, since most businesses use Gmail, you must wonder how to move emails to labels in Gmail. You have to navigate to the sidebar and click on More. Then, click on Create new Label and name the Label. For moving emails to the labels you have created, click on a bunch of emails and select the appropriate Label. Similar emails will be grouped, and you can find them easily. 

Create Different Sender Aliases Under Your Email Address 

Creating aliases is one of the best ways to filter incoming emails. Aliases are a great alternative to your email address, while the messages will be sent to your primary email. So, you don’t have to create a new email address, but you can send different emails to the aliases to filter them. For instance, you can subscribe to newsletters with an alias. 

You can even send emails using a different name using Gmail. For instance, you can send personal emails from alias and work-related emails from your email address. 

Set Filters for Specific Senders 

Use email automation tools to make your life easier. Automated email responses will save you precious time. You can even create email filters to sort your incoming emails. These can even be used to group emails by client name or project according to attachments, specific keywords, subject lines, etc. Thanks to filters, you will never miss important emails or emails from particular recipients. 

Flag Crucial Emails you Cannot Reply to at Once 

You need an excellent flagging system to filter unimportant emails and crucial emails. This will help you to always be on top of your inbox and quickly respond to valuable recipients. You can choose to sleep certain emails and keep some of them on top of your inbox so you know you have to respond to them. 

Create a Set Signature for Your Emails 

Improve your efficiency by creating a signature for your emails. You don’t need to type your name, company information, job title, etc. You can draft and save an effective email signature from being used for all the emails you send to your clients.

Therefore, you can concentrate on preparing emails and forget about adding personal details. You can even add your social media account or your business website to make it easier for the recipients to get more information about you. It will help to streamline and improve your business communication strategy. Also, send traffic to your business website. 

Track Emails by Using the Calendar

Add emails to the calendar, so it is easier to follow up. If you are using Gmail, you can click the More button on the toolbar and select Create Event. Therefore, you will always receive another critical email. 

The Bottom Line 

Keep these email management tricks in mind to be on top of your inbox and save precious time. How many of these hacks have you already been using?

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