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How to Start Bitcoin Mining: An Introduction to Implementation

Bitcoin mining is a complex and competitive process with rewards that are divided among those who contribute the processing power. If you want to get start, then you’ll need to decide on what hardware is best for your needs and also find a mining pool since most pools require that miners share their processing power. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how long it takes to mine bitcoins, but you can use this guide as an introduction to bitcoin mining: what is bitcoin mining and how to get start with it, guide on bitcoin mining, things to know while getting start with bitcoin mining.

What is Bitcoin in a nutshell?

Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency payment system. Being the first decentralized digital currency, this system works without a central bank or single administrator. The network is p2p, and transactions occur between users directly, without any intermediate person or system. Besides, its transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a block chain.

It was found by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and release as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoins are make as a reward for mining as they can be exchange for other currencies, products, and services. As of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants accept bitcoin payments.

How does Bitcoin Mining work?

Bitcoin’s mining process is the backbone of the network. Without miners, no transactions would be process, and bitcoin nodes wouldn’t know what was going on in order to make any changes that need it. The way that this works is by using what’s name as hashing. This takes a set amount of data (in our case, it will be each transaction) and encrypts these transactions inside what are call blocks, which act as containers for all of the information contain within them. These hashes work because if you change anything about their original contents, even just one letter or number, then they’ll end up with an entirely new hash code.

What does Mining Contain?

Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining

There are three main things that need to happen before you’re able to successfully mine bitcoins: –

You’ll first need to create a Bitcoin Wallet on the best trading platform for bitcoin. This wallet will contain the private key that gives access to all of the funds on it, which are store in what’s know as an address.

Next up, you’re going to want to join a mining pool so that more of your resources are being use for bitcoin processing power and not just by yourself, increasing the chance of earning some bitcoins. A list of popular public pools can be get here.

Finally, once everything else has been take care of, then you have enough information about how things work that you can start setting up what is need for actually beginning with this process: purchasing hardware, software, etc. There’s no specific answer regarding what is the best hardware or what software to get start with because it all depends on what you want to do, but one popular option is using ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits).

How to get started with bitcoin mining?

To start with Bitcoin mining, you will first need a Bitcoin wallet, hardware to mine and a pool account.

  • Selecting Bitcoin Wallet:

The wallet is what will store all of your mined Bitcoins. There are different types of wallets you can use, like the desktop wallet, mobile wallet or paper wallet. You need to check what type of wallet your hardware uses.

  • Selecting Bitcoin Mining Hardware:

There are several factors to what hardware you will need for your mining operation, like hash rate, power consumption and cost of the hardware. To find out what’s profitable in terms of electricity costs vs initial investment, then check some finance guides to get a better idea about it. One popular option is using ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), which can mine SHA256 currency at incredible speeds while consuming very little power when compare to FPGAs or GPUs. The AntMiner S15 series is one example of an efficient bitcoin miner that uses less than half the wattage per terrahash as competing miners with similar performance figures.

  • Mining Pools:

Since finding a block by yourself takes time (even with high-end hardware), most people join or create pools that do this for everyone on their team, so it gets split up among everyone who contribute processing power. If you want to start mining bitcoin, then getting start with a pool miner would be the best option for you to choose what fits best according to what equipment you have.

Is Bitcoin mining worth going for?

Making money mining bitcoins is not an easy task. You have to invest heavily in order to purchase the equipment. And also pay for electricity bills since it requires a lot of power consumption. Since Bitcoin prices are very volatile, you can check what’s your earning amount on what price you invested, which gives us direct profit or loss on what we put into this kind of business, so compare how much earnings do you get with what cost did you incur, although this method takes time before one gets any result but still worth doing because if everything goes well, then there will be a big reward at the end that makes all efforts gotten fruitful.


Bitcoin mining is an interesting activity that can help you earn money. But it also needs time and effort to ensure what goes along with this kind of business.

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