Why I Hate Facebook Messenger? Does It Lost Credibility?

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

Why do I hate Facebook Messenger? Facebook is one of the largest social networks. it helps me to get in touch with my friends. Users of these media reported that they had trouble using the messenger portal. They were unable to send or receive SMS. But now what happened to Facebook chat? People are raising many issues regarding Facebook Messenger.

Reasons why I hate the Facebook messenger

  • Firstly, it drains your battery 
  • Over time, this error means that Messenger is constantly draining the Android phone’s battery. 
  • Owners affected by this issue found that the only solution was to uninstall the application.
  •  Secondly, no one needs two Facebook applications.
  • It is annoying to have two separate Facebook applications. This is one reason I hate Facebook messenger
  • Most people prefer an application to handle all things related to   Facebook. 
  • However, forcing everyone to install a separate messaging app (yet) doesn’t make sense.
  • Moreover, the instant messaging application is now available. 
  • Facebook owns WhatsApp, which bought Facebook last year for a huge $22 billion.
  • Thirdly, you will receive annoying notifications even if you don’t have Facebook Messenger. 

This is another reason why I hate Facebook Messenger

  • you’ll see a notification of pending messages on the main Facebook application. 
  • Of course, you cannot access it.
  • If you are dumb enough, click the Messenger icon below.
  • You will be sent to the App Store to install it. 
  • This is why Facebook Messenger is bad
  • The linking of the application is poor
  • The Facebook application is connected to Messenger.
  • However, it is not clear how to return to Facebook. 
  • Don’t click the “Back to Facebook” link. 
  • But press (or slide) the “Back” button until you return to the original location. 
  • Facebook’s attempt to view a contact’s Messenger profile will bring you back to Facebook.
  • But pressing back will not let you into Messenger-you must click the Messenger button below.
  • There is no chat title on the iPhone Facebook Messenger app 
  • There is no chat title in the iOS version of Facebook Messenger. 
  • The “old” method of the messenger is to use a small floating head that moves around in the app. 
  • I like them, but now in a separate app (although Android users can leave them.
  • Finally, you can’t ignore others if you are active, 
  • People can see if you are online
  • This means that if you ignore people who see that you are using the app 
  • It will be obvious that you don’t want to respond.
  • This is why I hate Facebook Messenger.

Is Facebook Messenger bad?

Privacy is something that matters to the users. Messages we send are not at all private on Facebook. However, this itself is a bad mark for Facebook Messenger. Unless you use secret conversations, your Facebook Messenger messages are not private. Moreover, messages sent through the Facebook Messenger application are not end-to-end encrypted. This is another reason why I hate Facebook messenger

What does end-to-end encryption mean?

  • In simple terms, if you send a “Hello Mark” message from a mobile phone.
  • If the message is in encryption mode, it will be sent as a series of mixed letters and numbers.
  • After reaching Mark’s phone the decryption mode will decrypt the message.
  • So, no one (including hackers) can know what this message is about; 
  • however, because the Facebook Messenger application does not encrypt your message by default,
  •  Facebook can see all the pictures and messages you send. Facebook has confirmed that it is using technology to monitor your Facebook posts and pictures. 
  • Although these messages are not always visible to real people, 
  • it is still a highly suspicious business decision, the exact opposite of “privacy”.

Is Facebook Messenger safe? 

  • Messenger is only “safe” when you use the secret conversation feature
  • In 2016, Facebook announced a new feature that provides encrypted and self-destruct messenger chats. 
  • Which is famous as secret conversations.
  • However, many users are not aware of the features 
  • Facebook Messenger has been provided since 2016.
  • In March 2019, (Mark Zuckerberg) published a note on Facebook outlining the company’s vision for building a privacy platform.
  • He wrote: “I believe that future communications will increasingly turn to private, encrypted services. 
  • In which people can be sure that what they say is safe.
  • However, anyone can say that it will take years for Messenger to take over encryption.
  • This is why I don’t want the Facebook Messenger app 

Can anyone see your messenger message? 

  • Technically speaking, yes, because your messages are not end-to-end encrypted.
  •  That is, Facebook, police, hackers, misled administrations, or anyone who knows what they are doing may read your communications.
  • This does not mean that your friends or family can read your messages.
  • They can only be read if they have your username and password and connect to your account.
  • However, your Facebook Messenger messages will be set aside in your Facebook account.
  • This is why should i get Facebook messenger
  • Therefore, if Facebook wants to, they can see all your messages.
  • However, in some cases, they must have to forward your messages to law enforcement or the government. 
  • If your own Facebook account is in a hack, then you can restore all messages and pictures you sent.
  • Because of these reasons, I hate Facebook messenger

Facebook has also been the target of numerous data breaches and scandals. In November, the social network was criticized for testing a bad facial recognition application on its colleagues and friends. It is optional that you check the security services. Which allows you to chat with friends and contacts who use end-to-end encryption by default.


All the above reasons are enough to show why I hate Facebook Messenger. It’s high time to change to your messenger app. You should go for something reliable. Since our privacy matters.

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