Link Insertions vs. Guest Posts: Which Works Better for SEO?

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

When you are a business owner conducting a marketing campaign, you may be wondering: should you go for guest posts, or should you rely on link insertions to obtain backlinks? Both can be very rewarding, which is why about 60% of bloggers write monthly guest posts, with link insertion also gaining popularity

In this article, we will go over both of them so that you may decide which one works best for you.

Understanding Link Insertions

Link Insertions vs. Guest Posts

Link insertions are contextual links also referred to as niche edits, which you add on an existent post for backlinks. When inserting links, you target blogs similar to yours or even update their posts, in the hopes of bringing more traffic your way. As a business owner, you need to convince the website master to offer you permission to update their website. 

When obtaining permission, you need to make sure that you remain within Google’s guidelines. For instance, paying them is frowned upon, which is why you need to find a way to offer them value. Considering that about 66.5% of links older than 9 years are often dead, you may offer to fix them. If a website mentions you but does not link back, you can also ask them to insert a link.

Link-building is fairly quick and easy since you do not have to spend time writing the content yourself. Plus, the posts are already indexed, and you can target any website that can be tied to your niche. A link insertion service can do this job quickly and easily for you. The only challenges are that you need to thread carefully with Google’s guidelines, and you also need strong negotiation powers to let others edit their content.

Using Guest Posts

Link Insertions vs. Guest Posts

Guest posting has been around for a while now, and it’s a tried-and-true SEO method to bring backlinks to your website, provided you use it correctly. Guest posting has a similar effect to link insertions, but rather than scavenging the websites for old content, you create that text yourself. 

It has advantages for both you and the host website. It can help you post your content to a new niche, offering you marketing control over the information that you present. The website owner will also benefit from this, as it will keep their domain active in Google’s eyes. It’s a win-win, and if you find a website willing to accept guest posts, you can use it to establish yourself as a leader.

Guest posting is slightly more complex than link insertions, as you’ll have to abide by their rules. It can also take a while for the posts to be indexed, as they contain brand-new content. However, once they start getting traffic, you will notice a difference in your domain visits. 

The Bottom Line

Both guest posting and link insertions are great ways for you to generate backlinks. Link insertions represent a great option when you want links from multiple websites but do not have the time to write the content yourself. However, guest posting is the more efficient choice when you want more control over the content and the links you post. The choice will ultimately depend on your skills and possibilities.

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