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Do you want a shop where you can sell your old kinds of stuff and also can buy new stuff for yourself? A shop that is all in one stop for all your needs. Well, there is one such store in your own Paris. This article is about Main Trading Company.

Its name is Main Trading Company in short MTC. It is a brick-and-mortar company that sells each & every tool that you may ever need in your life. So today I am going to share with you each and every detail that you would need to know about this store. 

Main Trading Company will surely win your heart for its awesome services and wide range of products. After this, you will surely visit their store (if you are in Paris) or their official website. Their official website is also showing its worth. 

Main Trading Company History:

Main Trading Company was established in back 2009. Its owners are Mrs. Christine and Mr. Richard Lenoir. The idea came into reality during a tough recession in 2009. During this, Richard lost his job and he decided to start trading tools and ham radios. 

At first, they started their selling on eBay. Within a few months, they started getting a high response in return. The day was not so far when they first received a truckload delivery at their home. 

Soon they moved to a store on rent. And they moved again in 2011 to 2246 Binham st. in Paris. Soon they got an order from Wouxun to handle the radio. This was really great as the shipment was sold overnight. Today also they sell hundreds of ham radios in a month. Mr. Richard was always inclined towards trading and selling the used Ham radio gear. 

In 2013 Mr. Richard and Mrs. Christie Lenoir bought their own building for the Main Trading Company. They remodeled it for months and in February 2014, they moved into their new store. On that day more than 300 people came for the grand opening.

Till today they are still a surplus buyer of electronic surplus, damaged and salvaged freight, and closed out electronics and ham radio dealers. If you have an inventory of electronics to move out, they will do also that for you and they will do it very quickly. 

In 2015, Mrs. Christie left this business full-time and started doing what she loves. She again started to work as a radio anchor. MTC does almost 28 ham radio shows in a year. 

Main Trading Company Services:

Main Trading radio Company is majorly known for MTC Trading Company ham radio gears and MTC electronics. Well, now they are into selling everything you have probably heard of. But this is not the only thing that Main Trading Company does. 

I was really amazed when I got the information about their other services also. Main Trading Company ham radio provides services for a voice-over for any project. As I earlier mentioned Mrs. Christine Lenoir loves the work of radio anchors. She also started the work of voice-over as their side business. 

Main Trading Voice-Over Services: 

Main Trading Company can create amazing voice-over projects for all types of Media including:

  •  Radio and Television Commercials.
  • Product Demonstration DVD’s
  • Audiobooks
  • E-learning and Ebook Narration
  • On hold message
  • Video Games Voices
  • Corporate presentation
  • Podcast production
  • Jingles
  • Promotions
  • Voice demo production
  • Talking website 

…and much more.

They are working in this field since 2015 onwards and they are really the finest at their work. They produce high-quality productions. MTC radio also guarantees fast turnaround times. Usually, they do their work within 24 hours. And you will get a fully produced spot with complete royalty-free background music. 

They have set their price bar very low. You can deal with them for only $ 25.00 (only for certain projects). 

They have all kinds of E-payment methods to help you. If you don’t have cash or you don’t like to use much cash then also you don’t need to worry. Main Trading Company has already fixed this with their online payment methods.  

Main Trading Company Finances and Layaway services:

MTC makes it easy to get the equipment you want. MTC ham radio takes many forms of payment.  They take cash, credit cards, PayPal, and many more.


As always MTC ham radio accepts trade-ins as a form of payment. Their trade-in plan has already helped many thousands of people to get a new radio. The main trading company also deals with others things as well. They do trade-Ins in these things also. 

Once you come to their store or their ham radio events where MTC participates; you can bring your old ham radio gear. After you will get the right value for your MTC ham radio gear. You can also evaluate your value as money and get your cash in the stores or in events.

Layaway Programs:

Yes, they do layaway programs. You can buy any new gear in the store. And you can get it at a much lesser price. You can buy it in a layaway program. You need to give one-third of the original price of the gear. Later you must give a third in 60 days and then in 60 days you need to give the remaining balance.

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How to contact Main Trading Company:

If you are in Paris and want to contact Main Trading Company for your needs; you can contact them at the below address. 

Their store is situated at 

Paris Tx, 

2707 Lamar Ave

Paris, Tx 75460

Phone- 903-737-0773

Fax- 903-737-0783.

Their retail store is normally open on Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. They are sometimes out of town doing a hamfest or electronic show on Fridays or Saturdays, if you are planning a drive insure, and call first. 

You can also visit their website

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