Top Metaverse Development Companies in 2023

Metaverse is still a very new technology to the world. Ordinary people not in the field of expertise for this industry do not know it in detail. But despite its not-so-known factors, it still has affected hundreds of IT companies. This has boosted the direction of many IT companies toward developing Metaverse tech. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have already shown interest in this new virtual world.  But if you are unaware of this new technology and top Metaverse development companies, this blog is for you only. Read the full blog to learn about the Metaverse in detail. 

What is Metaverse Technology?

Metaverse represents a virtual world that will have all features of the real world. This new technology will use AR, VR, AI, and digital currencies to run the virtual world. 

Some Data about Metaverse:

  • According to experts, the global market of Metaverse will likely increase from $61.8 billion to $426.9 billion by 2027. 
  • The Metaverse will sell real estate worth $500 million. 
  • Metaverse has observed more than 400 million active users every month. 
  • By 2026, more than 25% of the population will spend at least 1 hour of their everyday life in Metaverse for several reasons. 

Top Metaverse Development Companies:

We have created the list based on the following parameters. 

– Experience, 

– Number of projects done, 

– Expertise in different industries, 

– Client satisfaction, 

– Expertise in modern technology. 

1. Oyelabs:

Oyelabs is a reputed name in the IT service sector. The company has been in the marketplace since 2016. It has covered 180+ cities. It has a record 95% customer satisfaction. They are famous for their excellent work in ARVR technology. 

The company has served hundreds of clients. Oyelabs has given its software solutions to all of them from mid-size companies and startups to giant corporations. The company has expertise in Blockchain, NFT, AR/VR, and Cryptocurrency technologies. 

Oyelabs offers the following services. 

– Application Development

– Social Media Platform

– Game Development

– NFT Marketplace Development

– Decentralized Platform Development

– Integration Services

2. Inner:

INORU is one of the top Metaverse companies. The company was founded in the year 2006. It has been developing blockchain technology for 7+ years. The company develops software for all niches. It has expertise in several technologies. These are NFT marketplace, AR/VR, Game development, E-commerce website, and many more. 

The company also provides its services in DAO and Defi development. The best aspect of INORU is its timely delivery. This company has a team of more than 100 experts. 

INORU offers the following services. 

– Decentralized Finance Development

– Decentralized Autonomous Organization

– Integration Services

– Social Media Platform Development

– Game Development

– Trading Marketplace Development

– NFT Development

– E-commerce Service

– Real Estate Metaverse Development

– Decentralized Metaverse Application Development

– Metaverse Marketing 

3. Suffescom:

Suffescom is one of the best Metaverse development companies today. The company develops excellent software for Metaverse. This software is capable of leading the technology to the next level. It has served in various industries, such as gaming, real estate, and governance. 

Suffescom has been working in the software industry since 2013. It has a substantial worldwide client base of 1250+ customers. It has developed over 300 apps, 50+ blockchain projects, and 7 Metaverse projects. 

Suffescom offers the following services. 

– NFT Marketplace Development

– Store Development

– Social Media Platform Development

– Game Development

– Corporate Office Setup in Metaverse

– Metaverse Marketing Services

– Metaverse Education Platform

– Event Platform Development

4. PixelPlex:

PixelPlex is now among the top Metaverse development companies in the world. It produces world-class technology that doesn’t glitch for even a second. It is famous for its product quality and service time. 

PixelPlex produces world-class Metaverse technologies. It has the expertise and serves its clients in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AR/VR, NFT, consultation, etc. The company has been working since 2007. It has a shining portfolio with 80+ blockchain projects and 450+ successful software projects for its clients. 

PixelPlex offers the following services. 

– Metaverse Consulting

– Digital Economies and Assets Development

– Metaverse Integration Services

– NFT Marketplace Development

– Crypto Infrastructure Development

– Application Development

– AR/VR Solutions 

5. Appinventiv:

Appinventiv is one of the market leaders in the software field. It has been serving since the year 2014. Since then, it has offered 1500+ digital solutions and 50+ blockchain projects. Its team has AR/VR technology, NFT, and blockchain expertise. It is famous for its glitch-free software development. 

Appinventiv has developed software that surpasses the present technology and client expectations. This software offers its users a great experience while using it. Currently, more than 800 people are on the team of this company. 

Appinventiv offers the following services. 

– Game Development

– Application Development

– NFT Marketplace Development

– Integration Development

– Real Estate Development

– Social Media Platform Development

6. Antier Solutions:  

Antier Solution is a big player in Metaverse Development Companies. It has been present in the market since the year 2003. It is a workplace of more than 500 employees. In 2016, it started working in the field of blockchain technology. The company has experts in its team as quality assurance experts, developers, designers, etc. 

The company has gained a reputed position among customers. Their timely delivery, commitment, and project qualities are the sole reason for this. Antier Solutions has expertise in AI, AR/ VR, Block, and crypto technology.

Antier Solutions offers the following services. 

– Application Development

– Gaming Metaverse Development

– Real Estate Platform Development

– Fashion Platform Development

– Metaverse for Tourism. 


Above, we have discussed 6 top companies working in the Metaverse field. Most people are still unknown of the advanced technology of Metaverse and its future impact. But it will soon be the next boom in the software technology market. It is the right time for technology lovers to join this revolution.

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