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Hey beautiful readers; welcome back to your favorite website Ornapo for another awesome content. Today I am going to discuss with you all ‘Montana Coffee Traders’. Montana Coffee Traders is giving participated in the coffee industry since the year 1981. They are famous for their A-1 quality coffee beans.

But before going to discuss this, let’s talk about some interesting facts about coffee beans. Coffee beans are actually roasted coffee seeds. They are seeds of a fruit called coffee. You can eat this fruit as well. 

In the whole world, Brazil is in the number one position for coffee production. Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks all over the world. Over 1 billion people of the total population of the world drink coffee on a daily basis. 64% of adults in America take coffee as their main drink during the day. 

The world’s most expensive coffee is named ‘Kopi Luwak’ which costs $ 600 a pound. This coffee is made by a very strange process. A cat-like creature eats the coffee fruits but is unable to digest the seeds. After excretion, the animal produces a smooth, less acidic brew named ‘Kopi Luwak’. That’s really strange and people drinking it seems somewhere funny to me. 

Company Introduction

Montana Coffee Traders recently celebrated their 40th anniversary of opening. The company was established in the year 1981. And from then only it has been serving profoundly since then. 

It is situated in a small resort town in the northwest corner of the state. The very start of Montana Coffee Trading is quite interesting. The founder of Montana Coffee Traders R.C. Beall once went to a café late at night and got a terrible coffee. He got so pissed off that he decided to make his own coffee. 

He decided to start his own coffee roasting and selling his own coffee beans. So then he started researching coffee beans. Soon he realizes that in a small like Montana, there is no other coffee bean trader, and the population of the city of Montana is also small. Hence he was free of competition. 

He joined hands with Whitefish and artist Scott Brandt and did further research. After many hours and unmeasurable work of research, they started their roasting company by taking a loan from the first national bank of whitefish. 

Many trials and errors happened after that and after recording each & every characteristic of their roasted beans, they came up with the perfect roasted beans.  

Montana Coffee Traders- expansions to foreign countries: 

In the late 1980s, my coffee traders partner Beall traveled to Costa Rica for high-quality coffee beans. His motive was to meet one person who shares the same mindset as the Montana coffee company. Fortunately, Beall found it as the manager of the Santa Elena farm cooperative. Santa Elena was frightened by the rapid growth of development and wanted to save his farm but was unknown to the gem he was standing on. He had never tasted the roasted beans of coffee. 

After seeing an opportunity to save his farm, he decided to collaborate and this is how Montana coffee traders started their first café named ‘Coffee with a cause’. They signed an agreement that says that on the sale of every packet of coffee, they will donate $ 1 for the betterment of society with projects like reforestation and education and raising awareness about the environment. 

In 1992, Baell went to Moscow and formed a partnership with Whitefish residents Aleksandr and Paulette Malchik. The Montana coffee roasters expanded to Russia but struggled there for almost a year before stabilizing in the market. The reason behind this was corruption. 

Till 993, MCT-Vostok which was the name of the Moscow franchise of Montana Coffee Traders was selling up to 150 to 200 pounds of coffee a day. till this time they have started to sell grinders and other machines like plunge-style pots and espresso machines. 

Local growth

IN 1992, Montana opened its first Montana coffee shop nearby Kalispell Montana. This shop was not just for coffee but also for snacks, specialty foods, and tea and coffee. By 1993, Montana was selling 150 different flavors of coffee.

After the success, Baell also started a coffee traders’ whitefish store which was in fact a cabin and inside the cabin was full of machines, coffee grinders, teapots and kettles, coffee cups, homemade jelly, and chocolate. Their customers could buy items made by local artists including hand-woven rugs, baskets, wooden cabinets, and chairs. 

Music and tours of the shop severed as the main attraction for the customers. Montana did not do the advertisements rather spending a huge amount of money on advertisements, they started to advertise it locally at events inside the city. 


However, Montana coffee traders took a turning point in it’s when they found that the united parcel service can ship coffee anywhere in Montana in just one day. They started to take their customer’s orders early and charge them later. This made their customers happy and by taking orders they saved their coffee beans as well.

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