NEUTRAL TANDEM LLC: Company profile and services

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The Neutral Tandem Florida LLC is a limited liability company that mainly provides VoIP services. Basically, they are the number one VoIP provider in the Florida region. Neutral Tandem LLC has had Chicago as its base starting in 2003. They are the leading provider of Tandem services mainly for cellular, cable, wireline, and VoIP services. Similarly, they provide operator-to-operator connections. However, they are a cost-effective option for establishing local operators. 

The neutral tandem solution provides redundancy, safety, and efficiency to the national telecommunications in the US. As a result, they were able to assign billions of phone numbers to operators. Besides, they became the leading Government Emergency Telecommunications Service Compliant. The IP-based switching architecture of the Tandem network was the reason for the same. 

GETS is the White House operating and Dept of Homeland Security managing emergency communications service. Here, the neutral tandem VoIP provides the support for these emergency services. However, they provide emergency access and priority processing via local and PSTN including wireless calls.

 About Neutral Tandem

  • First, the incorporation of Neutral Tandem was in 2001.
  • Second, Chicago marked the first location of the company in 2003.
  • Third, the acquisition of Origin Communications by Neutral Tandem in 2004.
  • Fourth, the completion of the installation of a national IP by the company. Also, the extension of its reach by the interconnection of 179 markets in 2006.
  • Fifth, the first public offering of the company on the NASDAQ exchange in 2007.
  • Sixth, in 2008, the transition of the company to an all-IP core network.
  • Similarly, at the same time adding terminating and originating switch access services was a plus point.
  • As a result, long-distance calls have been able to be handled successfully by the neutral tandem Florida LLC.

Neutral Tandem: Products

The important products of Neutral Tandem California LLC are the following: –

  • Voice
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Transit
  • Ethernet Telecommunications Services

Services Offering: Neutral Tandem

The various service offerings of Neutral Tandem Florida LLC are the following: –

Phone Numbers

  • Number porting facility is one of the best services offered by neutral tandem-texas, llc – tx.

Voice Services 

  • Voice Termination
  • Toll-Free
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking
  • STIR/SHAKEN – a suite of protocols to combat caller ID spoofing on public telephone networks.
  • Robocall Mitigation – processes that make illegal robocalls less dangerous, damaging or severe.


  • P2P Messaging – person-to-person messaging
  • A2P Messaging – application to person messaging
  • Toll-Free Messaging

Platform Solutions

  • Private Label Cloud Communications.
  • Mobility Clients and SDKs – SDK (software development kit) is a very important feature of neutral tandem-Missouri LLC.
  • Custom Voice Platform
  • Faxing

Infrastructure Services

  • PSTN Connect
  • IPES Enablement
  • Voice IP Exchange

Emergency Services

  • E-911
  • Next Generation 911

The company provides services through a completely IP-based network. However, it allows it to provide global connectivity for various media including voice, data, and video. Similarly, Its solutions enable operators and other providers to provide telecom traffic or other services. Voice connection services are mainly distributed to operators. Besides, this includes cellular phones, landlines, cable, and broadband telephone companies. With the company’s voice services in the US, operators can exchange local and long-distance traffic. The traffic exchange is between their networks without using serial or direct connections. The company allows a Tier-1 Internet network.

VoIP provider – Understanding

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • A business body offering VoIP services directly is a VoIP provider.
  • Similarly, consumers or companies are customers of these organizations.
  • They help IP networks act as phones.
  • i.e. the network can make and receive calls.
  • VoIP follows SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • In this model, software delivery is more of a service than a product.
  • The provider hosts the software instead of downloading it directly from the user. 
  • As a result, VoIP providers allow customers to subscribe to services instead of selling software to them.

However, Neutral Tandem Florida LLC is one such Limited Liability Company.

How VoIP works?

VoIP uses packet-switching technology to transmit voice over the IP network. However, they use multiple protocols at runtime. The protocols are RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The use of RTP is to transmit media streams. Whereas, SIP simulates point-to-point phone functions, such as dialing and activating transfer. 

They decompose voice or audio data into small data packets for transfer. Afterward, they send data in the form of packets over the IP network. Then, they restore the data at the target location. Finally, after reconstruction, they transmit audio data like ordinary phones. However, the main function is that all operations are performed in real time without any delay. The neutral tandem Florida LLC also works in the same way.

Difference between VoIP and normal landline

The difference between VoIP and normal landline are the following:-

  • The main difference is the data transmission method.
  • As a result, to make calls over an IP network VoIP uses packet-switched telephony.
  • Similarly, any internet-supporting devices helps in accessing these calls.
  •  The neutral tandem Florida LLC provides the same function.
  • However, in traditional landlines it’s different.
  • They are operating through the switched telephone network or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).
  • Access to these calls is only through normal; service providers.
  • However, these calls restrict mobility as they have specific phones and location connections.

VoIP: advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages – First, the price of a VoIP is cheap and economical. Second, more features are available without paying additional charges. Third, a VoIP service is scalable and universally available. Finally, VoIP has great flexibility and portability. These are all arguments that are in favor of neutral tandem Florida LLC. 
  • Disadvantages – The main disadvantage of VoIP is that the internet must work first. Similarly, a third party is always involved in the data transmission. As a result, the security of data is not so good.

Summing Up 

The neutral tandem Florida LLC has plans for both small and large enterprises. Therefore, it is best to use neutral tandem VoIP. Similarly, choosing Broadvox will earn you a better VoIP provider for your company. They provide the most bang for your buck. Not only VoIP, but Neutral Tandem also provides a complete business communication solution. Therefore, instead of choosing the cheapest VoIP service, it is better to use neutral tandem-Washington, LLC. It will truly solve all your business communication needs.

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