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Protecting Your Finances While on Vacation

People are traveling more, and with more travel comes more opportunity for accidents. While you may be happily anticipating your next trip, it is more important than ever to protect your assets while on vacation.

If you think packing your favorite bathing suit and a new set of golf clubs are all you need to do prior to departure, you are sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, accidents are just as likely to happen on vacay as they are at home. Add a touch of excitement and more than a few drops of alcohol, and you could even find yourself on the defense in an expensive lawsuit.

Hedges Against Vacation Litigation

Enlisting a team of professionals can protect your finances while you’re on the go. Travel agents are a good example. Your agent will be aware of ever-changing regulations and keep you on the right side of the law. Nobody wants to be stranded miles from home waiting for a lawsuit to play out.

Travel agencies also provide travel insurance, a great hedge against unexpected expenses if tragedy strikes. It usually includes coverage for:

  • Stolen or lost luggage
  • Medical bills incurred while traveling
  • Canceled flights
  • Travel interruptions

Click here for more tips on finding travel insurance. Sometimes the financial losses incurred while traveling are minor, but others can be financially debilitating, like an emergency medical situation overseas. Some see travel insurance as a luxury or nice-to-have, but there are literally thousands of travelers who regret not purchasing a plan before their trip and just as many who are glad they did.

This type of insurance can be used as a supplement to personal coverage that you already have in place. The main insurance is called primary and travel insurance is often secondary coverage. These policies bridge a gap in your health insurance while away from home and offer real protection against financial ruin. Nerdwallet provides these tips on getting the best travel insurance.

Vacation Medical Emergencies

So you’ve set sail on the Florida Gulf Coast, and look forward to a relaxing afternoon when a storm blows up and causes injury to an on-deck passenger. What to do?

Of course, your top priority is to protect the victim’s health and wellbeing, so your first call should be 911. Be sure the injure party is given immediate medical attention and keep all medical records. This could be vitally important if you are force to defend yourself in court later.

The same holds true for car accidents, especially if you are at fault and there are alcohol or other substances involved. Jurisdictional authority can vary and these cases can be very complex. An experienced car accident attorney will guide you toward resources to protect you against liability and keep your financial wellbeing intact.

Social Media Addiction Can Cost You

It is worth emphasizing that all parties involved in car accidents should avoid social media. After a wreck, it can be tempting to tell your friends on Facebook or Instagram, especially if you’ve been posting about your fabulous vacation every hour on the hour since departing home.

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However, you should definitely avoid posting on social media at this time. People involve in accidents are emotionally upset and lack judgment. You may unwittingly admit guilt or post photos that portray the situation in a way that favors the other party. A split-second decision to post a picture can cost you thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars in settlement and legal fees. That’s something to keep in mind while you’re packing.

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