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Top 10 Robotics Engineer Companies in the World

Robotics engineer companies have a wealth of fascinating career advancement prospects in the fast-growing field of robotics. Engineers are at the forefront of this historically significant breakthrough as businesses regularly make intriguing advancements in the creation of AI.

Reconsider robotics

Robots that work together are create by Rethink Robotics. 2009 saw the introduction of Baxter, their first robot. Baxter enables employees to complete repetitive operations in a secure and efficient manner. He can move into odd positions and pick up objects on his own without assistance.

Kuka Robotics

Kuka Robotics Engineer companies manufacture robotic arms intended primarily for use in manufacturing. They provide the option to alter their designs to meet particular requirements. They can precisely position and control the movement of their robotic arm.

Robots Universal

An international robotics business called Universal Robots focuses on creating automated manufacturing lines for the industrial sector. Their armless UR10 robot is excellent at handling components and supplies. The UR 10 can manoeuvre around obstacles and work in confined spaces thanks to sophisticated motion planning algorithms.

Robotics Engineer Companies

Some famous robotics companies are:


Robots for industrial purposes are produced by iRobot Corporation. Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, Dyson robotic vacuums, and other consumer goods are all part of its product line. Colin Angle launched the business in 1990.

Reevaluate robotics

Boston, Massachusetts-based Rethink Robotics Engineer Companies is a robotics business. The company, which was establish in 2010, creates collaborative robots that can safely carry out routine activities in factories and warehouses. Baxter, their initial creation, became the first non-humanoid winner of the 2012 DARPA Robotics Challenge.

FANUC Company

Manufacturers of industrial Robotics engineer companies and automation systems for machining centres, welders, and assembly lines include FANUC. Having its roots in Japan, it currently has offices all over the world and operates there.


This company, which specialises in creating robot eyes or vision systems, recently created 3D digital cameras that link image pixel information with location and aid in controlling robot movement. The company’s patented evasion Factory software system locates an object of interest and enables the robot to manipulate it. In addition to being coherent in ABB’s hardware, the True view robotic system, which is used in the automotive industry, Braintech’s vision guidance systems are also starting to draw significant interest from businesses in other industries (military and defence, pharmaceuticals, etc.)


The California-based technological behemoth has more gimmicks up its sleeve than just graphics processors for the gaming industry. NVIDIA has recently concentrated on developing and designing semiconductor units for the mobile computing and automotive industries. Toyota will employ Nvidia’s artificial intelligence technology to create self-driving vehicle systems in the coming years, according to a strategic alliance the two companies announced.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is still one of the industries with the highest demand for mechanical, aeronautical, and robotic engineer companies. This is hardly surprising given the forthcoming missions to Mars and the Moon. Being a part of NASA provides not just distinction but several opportunities to communicate and even collaborate with top-notch scientists and engineers from the United States and other countries.

Products of Robotics Engineer Companies

An automated vacuum cleaner

The iRobot Roomba 980 is the top robotic vacuum. This robot vacuum cleaner can clean carpets, rugs, stairs, and floors. Along walls and behind furniture are also clean. The robotic vacuum operates nonstop, around the clock. To identify impediments and determine where to clean, it employs sensors. It accomplishes this by using its radar sensor and camera. Two brushes and a HEPA filter are included with this robot vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it has navigational technology that makes it easier for it to move around the space. Even self-maintenance tasks like monitoring the battery level and emptying the trash can are within its capabilities.

A robot kitchen helper

Robotic technology was use to create this kitchen assistant to support housewives. It is appropriate for home cooks who prefer to make meals when it’s convenient for them. A sophisticated smartphone app that is included with this robot kitchen assistant enables customers to make shopping lists and meal plans. The app allows users to track the progress of their orders. The appliance has the capacity to cook a variety of ingredients, including meat, fish, rice, pasta, veggies, and dessert. Even cooking from scratch for various dishes is possible. The robot kitchen assistant has six cooking settings, including microwave, grill, steamer, convection oven, and slow cooker.

A robot pet sitter

Robotics engineer companies made specifically to look after pets is call a robot pet caretaker. This machine has a canine-like face. It has a voice chat feature that enables owners to converse with their dogs. Users can control the robot via a touch screen interface that is also included. The robot may be interacted with and be given treats. The robot is capable of understanding many commands, such as sit, down, stay, walk, and fetch. Also capable of playing games with owners is the robot. It may be a project to perform many different games, including fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek.

A robot canine walker

The purpose of this robot dog walker is to help elderly persons who live alone. It resembles the robot pet sitter very much. It moves around the house talking to the owner over a speaker and microphone. When the user gets home, it will welcome them. For their benefit, it also plays some of their favourite music. Numerous functions, such as night vision, obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, and automated charging, are included with the robot dog walker.

Companies that require a Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineer companies are required by some companies to fulfil our needs easily. like, 

What is robotics?

An automated solution builder with competence in software development is need by Amazon Robotics. In this position, you’ll work directly with our team to provide creative solutions that streamline operations at all of our fulfilment locations. Candidates must have at least two years of professional experience creating automation solutions in Python, C, Java, Ruby, or related languages in order to be consider.

Secondly, New England Microsoft Research

A Software Engineer is need to join Microsoft Research New England’s team at MIT. Someone having a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, or a similar field is what they are seeking. Their main areas of interest are graph theory, computational geometry, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

Google Brain Team

Robotics Engineer Companies are being sought by Google Brain Team to assist in tackling some of the most challenging AI challenges. Engineers with talent are need to join our team in Mountain View, California. Our ongoing efforts involve computer vision, reinforcement learning, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

Although we are open to great talent from any profession, candidates should have a solid understanding of at least one of these topics.

What do companies look for in a robotics engineer?


Engineers in robotics should have previous expertise in developing robots for use in production settings. They should be knowledgeable in electronics, motion control, machine vision, and industrial automation. Mechanical, electrical, software and other engineers may collaborate directly with robotics engineer companies.


For entry-level work, a bachelor’s degree in engineering is typically need. However, associate degrees could be accept by some employers. Senior positions typically require a master’s degree. Most universities have robotics courses available.


Certain employers demand certificates from bodies like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Certain employers, like the IEEE, may favour professional association credentials.


Robots are machines that carry out monotonous jobs automatically and without help from a human. They are frequently use today to automate numerous processes in the manufacturing sector. Robotics engineer companies are frequently built to function in settings where people would risk their safety or be in danger. Industrial manipulators, home service robots, mobile robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, ground robots, underwater robots, wearable robots, etc. are some examples of robots.

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