Sample Business Plan for Fast Food Restaurants

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

The sample business plan below was made for a fast-food restaurant, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have to match exactly your business for you to be able to use it. 

Would you like to open a vegan café or a steak restaurant? Would you rather dine at a fast food joint or a fine restaurant? Your restaurant plan will include a wide range of details, but you’ll likely include the same sections regardless of what type of restaurant you’re starting. The sample plan is best suited for your specific company if it is edited and customized. 

You should also conduct the market research your restaurant will require to succeed since no two businesses are alike. 

Why do restaurants need business plans?

As Roger Fields describes in his book Restaurant Success by the Numbers, a Restaurant business plan Sample is “a concise, clear method of presenting the effort you have already made and convincing investors of your idea’s viability and potential profitability.”

You can use it to demonstrate the time and effort you put into learning about your restaurant’s market and achieving your financial projections and goals.

Traditionally, a business plan associates with investors since it provides better insight into the business idea, the concept, and the company’s competitive advantage. A timeline will also be provided showing the timeframe for the business to become profitable.

It is easier for potential investors to imagine profits generated from a profitable restaurant if your business plan is objective, well-researched, and detailed.

What should you include in a restaurant business plan?

You don’t need hundreds of pages in the business plan for your restaurant. Keep it concise and short. In addition, you should include the following sections in your proposal: an executive summary, company overview, products, market analysis, strategy and implementation, marketing plan, management team, financial plan, and appendix. 

A restaurant business plan outline looks like this: 

If you’re looking for more options, you can view Bplans’ gallery of more than 500 sample business plans. Or download a free PDF or editable Word doc version of this fast-food restaurant sample business plan for yourself now.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to write a business plan if they want to secure a loan or investment. In order to ensure you don’t overlook anything critical during growth, think thoroughly about every aspect of your business. Even if you aren’t seeking funding.

Time to Plan

Even if you’re making your fiftieth business plan, it’s completely understandable to be hesitant. Using the outline above, you can create a document that will be just as credible as you outlined above. And will attract multiple potential investors to your restaurant project.

Additional Financial Charts

Do you have to support financial documents, such as a projected income statement and cash flow projection? Amazing. Show investors that you truly understand your figures by including them here.

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