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Trading business is a lifelong investment for anyone. It can give you an unlimited source of wealth. The wealth that can take care of you and your family easily. The 21st century has brought many opportunities to each person in the world. The world is more open and has more connections than ever. The stock market is now everybody’s playground. But it is not child’s play. Many come and lose all their money. Indeed the stock market is a hungry lion waiting for a hunt. This article is about Stock Consultant.

Here a stock consultant can help you in an unexpected way. A stock consultant is one who helps you to understand the stock market. These people are familiar with the ups & downs of the stock market. When taking the help of a consultant, he will guide you with rightful instructions. He will help you to win most of your trades. He will also train you to understand the stock market. It will indeed help you to take your own trades and invest whenever you want. 

There is plenty of stock consultant out there but choosing one among them can be difficult.

What is Stock Consultant? 

Stockconsultant is a stock marketing consultancy service company. The company was founded in the year 1999. The company works on the principles of technical analysis strategies of Dan Chapman. In its early years stock consultant was giving tools to their clients. These tools are very helpful in stock market analysis. Dan Chapman is a master strategist in stock analysis.

 In 1992, Dan Chapman introduced many new technical strategies to invest and get high returns. The stock consultant works on the same principles. Those principles are still valid. They still bring results. 

This stockbroker company has a goal of serving effective online trading tools to people. You can have these tools at a very low price. The tools give you information about future trading stocks, options, and mutual funds. 

In the year 2004, the team of stock consultants decided to come into the knowledge business. Their goal was to give in-detail training on the stock market and trading. 

Its official website is You can also visit their online website for self-research on stock support and resistance website. 

Tools by Stock Consultant: 

The company works on the principles of Dan Chapman. Dan Chapman is the master of strategies in trading and the stock market. His principles are the ground of a stock consultant company. The company has created some effective tools for trading analysis. The company gives these tools to its clients for a very genuine price. Here is the list of tools that Stockconsultant provides. 

1. Consultant: 

Stock consultant gives you a very special tool. This is a consultant tool. The tool works like a consultancy. It gives you access to stock analysis of day and year trading. It removes complicated indicators and provides you with simple results-oriented techniques. 

You will learn the basics of the market and how to identify stock support and resistance. It’s easy to understand the pattern of bullish and bearish teachings that will help you to set entry points, targets, stop breakouts, trade quality ad profit loss. 

2. Screener: 

The screener tool is one of the best services for stock consultants. This tool shows you real-time stock scanning. It helps to set intraday setups, momentum, breakouts, bottoms, tops, support, and resistance. 

You can easily find stocks to set the entry points and get the maximum profits with minimum loss. Its application is capable to show you multiple trading charts. You can also save 25 of your top stock charts in 6500 stocks. 

This free stock screener has only two scan results per query. 

3. Portfolio: 

The portfolio tool works as a stock manager. You can set up your portfolio of trading. It manages and shows about 560 stocks in your portfolio. You can also compare the profits between your two stocks. It has the capability to show 35 stock charts, sectors, indexes, and ETFs on the same page and same time. 

You can also customize your portfolio to get a great look. 

4. Stocks to watch: 

Dan Chapman, the founder of stock consultants has created this tool to get long or short stocks. You can select either short or long stocks in the watch list. Your stocks chart has 35 different stocks. It helps you to accompany technical analysis indicators. 

You can also copy and paste your stocks into user lists. This list helps you to understand your previous performance. By doing this, you can learn not to repeat the mistakes and repeat the success formula. 

5. Quick Charts: 

Quick chart analysis can be a great tool for your trading business. You can scan almost 560 stock charts for 8 months and 1-year stock history. Your stock history is the record of your trading business. Like any business, your history is will give your account details. By learning from your mistakes and you can perform better every time. 

It also offers you keyboard-controlled hotkeys. These keys help you to fast scan through each stock list.

6. Prescreener: 

Prescreener is an advanced screener software. It has 62 custom technical screens to show you multiple stocks. You will get a full-page output that allows you to compare up to 35 different stocks. 

You will be able to compare all the stocks of 35 companies at the same time. This tool will indeed help you to get the right stock and set a perfect entry point. 

Stockconsultant review: 

This consultancy company has a brand value among the people. Dan Chapman who has 25 years of experience in the trading and investment business has created this consultancy. Indeed he is successful in what he once desired.


People who have been a client of the stock consultancy of Dan Chapman has claimed to have the best services regarding teaching, understanding the market, and putting profit and loss ratio. They especially praise the resistance and support stocks strategy of the consultancy. The tools have made their work very easy and this is helping them to gain profits in their trading business.

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