Uphold Vs Coinbase: Which Cryptocurrency Should You Choose?

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

Are you confused between the different cryptocurrency exchanges that uphold vs coinbase? Yes! Well, it is likely that new users to get a little confused over these two. But, if you are aiming to buy, hold, trade, or sell digital currency such as Bitcoin, you will need a cryptocurrency exchange account for the same.

The coinbase and uphold are two different exchanges. Using these crypto exchanges the users can perform buying, selling, trading, or holding a wide set of assets. When the coinbase is the best exchange for beginners, at the same time, uphold supports a lot other than cryptocurrencies like metals and stocks as well. But, the choice between these two is a little difficult and confusing.

Don’t despair! We have curated a detailed comparison to help you decide on the best one that suits you in every aspect.

What the features are of Uphold Vs Coinbase?

uphold vs coinbase


  • Easier crypto purchases– here you get the provision to pay directly from your cryptocurrency account. Even there is a provision to pay it through your bank account, debit cards, or even PayPal accounts, in case a little extra charge is alright for you.
  • Low prices and add-on features– with just spending a little 0.50 percent spread, you will get an advantage to the additional advanced tools that are available on Coinbase Pro.
  • Crypto earns enables free cryptocurrency– when you successfully sign up, you get a lot of rewards for watching their how-to videos. This is the way you can earn free cryptocurrency.


  • Easier trading between supported trades– this crypto exchange gives you the liberty to easily trade between the supported assets. Further, selective pairs of currencies have no limitations.
  • Provision to trade non-crypto currencies– this exchange gives you the liberty to trade other non-crypto currencies. Further, this includes foreign currency, metals, and even some fractions of shares of stocks.
  • Claim brave browser rewards– the usage of the brave browser enables you to earn free cryptocurrency. Even you can get this currency directly into your Uphold account.
  • Provision for the automatic transaction– with uphold, the users have the provision to keep up to $100 in their accounts. This further can be used for transactions or trading for cryptocurrency, or other assets as well. Along with this, you also get the provision for a single-time transaction as well.
  • Limit orders– for the same set of capitals, a pool of 50 orders is available on uphold. But, in addition, a buy and sell, is also available for the target prices. This could be outside the order limit.
  • Integration of Third-party– with uphold, you get the add-on integrations of the third party like Tap Rewards and Taxbit as well.

So, these were the features for uphold vs coinbase. Both, have features that make them different from each other. You can choose the one that suits you best depending on your liking, purpose, and preference. But, one thing is for sure, uphold has an edge over the coinbase.

What the pros and cons are of Uphold Vs Coinbase?

Let us now look at the pros and cons of these two crypto exchanges.

Uphold Crypto Exchange: Pros

  • The uphold.com enables users to successfully trade other equities like foreign stocks, shares, metals, etc.
  • Even there is a provision to transit between the supported asset types
  • Brave browser rewards are an exception add-on benefit to earn free cryptocurrency.

Uphold Crypto Exchange: Cons

  • Sometimes, the spread-based prices lead to hiding the exact costs for the user’s convenience
  • Spread-based pricing exceeds as 1%- Bitcoins and 3%- metals

Coinbase Crypto Exchange: Pros

  • The exchange allows easy ways to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins or even others.
  • The availability of Coinbase Pro is an add-on benefit for low prices
  • Also, there is an availability of advanced trade platforms for users.
  • This exchange gives the users the added advantage of earning free cryptocurrency.

Coinbase Crypto Exchange: Cons

  • The transaction fee is a little higher per trade. This is usually $2.99/transaction
  • Several assets are having pricing for 0.50% or higher

Thus, this was a little sneak peek into the pros and cons of the two exchanges that uphold exchange and coinbase exchange has to offer to you. The next follow-up is the uphold vs coinbase. Read on!

Uphold Vs Coinbase

  • Mobile applications

Both uphold and the coinbase exchanges offer the mobile app facility to the users. This is a far better experience for users when compared to the web experience. People throughout the world find the uphold app or the coinbase app convenient and easily manageable. In addition, there is another benefit to using the same while you are traveling as well.

  • Currency

While there are a ton of different cryptocurrencies available in the market. But, the most common problem is the awareness about a limited bunch of them. Again, when it comes to these two crypto exchanges, they give you access to a varied number of currencies.

But, uphold surely has some add-on trading currencies to offer. These aren’t available on any other crypto exchange platform.

  • Ease of use

In terms of the easier usability option, the coinbase surely has an edge over uphold. It is the most popular crypto exchange among beginners. This is due to the fact the easier ways to buy, sell, or trade a cryptocurrency using coinbase. It readily offers a web page or a mobile app for the user. This further makes the whole process of buying, selling, holding, or trading a few clicks away.

On the contrary, upholding is a little bit tough for beginners. But, here too, once you have made an account, the proceeding becomes quite easier, similar to coinbase. 

Summing up

This was all about upheld vs coinbase for now. Right now, the choice between the coinbase and uphold might become easier for you. So, if you are a beginner, start with the crypto exchange coinbase. The easy-to-navigate feature and the other user-friendly experiences will awestruck you. Also, you can earn free cryptocurrency using coinbase pro.

While, if you are already into buying, selling, holding, or trading stocks or other equities markets, the uphold wallet will do just fine for you. Thus, have fun trading among varied supported assets here.

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