Wesley Phillip Dirks Bio, Life, Parents [2022]

Wesley Phillip Dirks is a famous celebrity child in America. His parents are the surfer Bethany Hamilton and her husband Adam. Since his birth in 2018, he has received special attention on her enormously popular Instagram account. In this article, we will discuss Wesley Phillip Dirks’s personal life, and parents.

Wesley Phillip Dirks Bio

His father is a teacher, and his mother is a skilled surfer. Tom and Cheri Hamilton are his mother’s grandparents. They are both movie producers. Tobias’ uncles on his mother’s side are Noah and Timothy Hamilton. Tobias is an American citizen, and their family is of Dutch-German descent. His birth was covered by People Magazine, Rip Curl, and The Today Show. 

Wesley Phillip Dirks’s age

He is 4 years old.

Wesley Phillip Dirks Career

He first appeared on his mother’s Instagram account in March 2018 on the day of his birth.

His mother, Bethany Hamilton, is a well-known American public figure and a competitive surfer who gained notoriety for carrying on with her surfing after losing her left arm to a tiger shark at the age of thirteen. In the 2014 family film Dolphin Tale 2, his mother co-stars with Ashley Judd.

She serves as a model for many others. She lost her left arm in 2003, but she has persevered. Also, she has written twelve books, including Soul Surfer. She also won the Teen Choice Award for Courage and the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete in 2004.

Wesley Phillip Dirks’s wealth

Wesley’s net worth is unknown due to his youth. He is currently taking advantage of his time as a star child. His mother, Bethany Hamilton, has a net worth of about $2 million when it comes to the family’s money. She hasn’t revealed her income to this point.

Bethany makes between $205,000 and $400,000 a year competing in surfing competitions, which is how she makes her money. Soul Surfer, Devotions of the Soul Surfer, and Unstoppable Me are among the books she has authored. As a result, her net worth is also impacted by this. In addition to his father’s income, Adam’s annual salary as a teacher is close to $60,000.

Wesley Phillip Dirks Family

Only Adam and Bethany made the 40-foot leap into the water, and they later began hiking and surfing together. Adam was speaking about the bond between his parents. He called Bethany on the advice of a mutual acquaintance, and the two met up with other friends on the beach.

They realized they needed to advance the situation after a series of events. Then, on August 18, 2013, they got married. The couple has maintained a wonderful relationship since their wedding.

A boy has just joined the family as the couple’s second child. Their first child, who was born in June 2015, is named Tobias. Wesley was born on March 27, and Bethany gave birth to him.

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Shark Attack

His mother Bethany was attacked by a shark while surfing at Tunnels Beach in Ha’ena, Kauai. When she was 13, she went surfing with her best friend Alana Blanchard, as well as Blanchard’s father and brother. Bethany lost her left arm to a fierce attack by a 14-foot tiger shark.

Bethany was yanked back and forth for a brief period of time while seated on her board and felt an abrupt, strong pressure on her left arm. Before the storm passed, it was. She didn’t initially experience any discomfort, but she soon noticed that the water around her was turning red. Eventually, her stunned companions realized that her left arm had been nearly severed at the shoulder.

Her best friend’s father made a tourniquet out of the leash from his surfboard and led the group to safety. The Wilcox Memorial Hospital received Bethany. They took her father out of the operating room where he was going to have knee surgery.

When they arrived at the hospital, 60% of Bethany’s blood had been lost. Bethany required numerous procedures because she was also in hypovolemic shock. Bethany continued to enjoy surfing despite the potentially fatal shark encounter. After a month off, she picked up surfing again. Later, she continued competing in surfing events.

Wesley Phillip Dirks’s participation in social media

The little famous kid doesn’t have a social media account. Bethany has 54,600 YouTube subscribers on her channel. She has over 2.1 million followers and 3922 posts on her Instagram account, which goes by the name @bethanyhamilton, as of August 2022. Moreover, she also started using Twitter in January 2010 and now has more than 1.3 million followers. She also has a Facebook profile that has more than 2.2 million fans.

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