Arnett’s Country Store: Best Antiques Store

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

Are you also a lover of magic like me? Do you also like the essence of wooden planks in-home, different magical potions, and stuff with old magical Vibes? Well, I am really a lover of all these old kinds of stuff which carry a soul with them. It seems like they have lived in themselves. It feels like they are alive. Arnett’s Country Store.

Well, today I am going to share about a very interesting store. The store is an attraction point for many people due to its antique design, magical environment, and handmade Santa Clause.

When I first heard about it and researched about it; I fell in love with the aura of this place. Even only through its photos, you will feel the magical essence of Arnett’s country store. So continue with me and read till the end of this blog. 

What is Arnett’s Country store?

Arnett’s country store is situated at West Frankfort. It is a store of unique, antique, and primitive centered on country and holiday themes. What makes Arnett’s country store special is its creations. On entering the shop only you will see the intense old culture of the west. Wooden planks and cupboards, wooden toys like horses, teddy bears, old socks, and many handmade plates.

Arnett’s country store is famous for its Santa clause creations. The store creates handmade dolls of Santa Clause for people. These Santa Clauses are way different from than normal ones which you find in the market. In addition to happiness, these Santa Clause gives the feeling of soulfulness and integrity to the class. Something very important these creations carry with them is the essence and legacy of old Roman Christian culture. You will find the magic breaded in these Arnett’s Santas.

A tour to the official website of Arnett’s Country Store: 

Arnett’s country store is situated at West Frankfort. The most interesting and attractive factor of this store is its antique and unique collections of Santa Clause statues. If you are somewhere near West Frankfort; I would highly recommend you to go into their store by any means. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, just visit Arnett’s country store. It will surely bring you in awe. 

In any case, if you are not able to go to the West Frankfort store; you can see a glimpse of simplicity and its magic through its official website.

What I would really appreciate about the store’s website is its simplicity of the website. You will feel no difficulty while visiting and surfing this website. There are no ad flashes on the website. The website contains very few pages and is really simple to access. 

On the home page, you will see many heart-touching Santa Clause stills. By scrolling down, you will see a small about section and the ‘how do I shop’ section on the page. Down there you will get the exact detailed address of the store and its links to social media handles. 

On the uppermost left corner, you will see a menu button. Click it and you will get a menu of ‘Home’, ‘Products’, ‘Shop Vignettes’, ‘Events’, and ‘Contact’. Touch any link and you will land on your desired page. On the ‘Product’ page, you will see gallery 1, gallery 2, and gallery 3 of Santa Clause statutes.

Best Santa Clause available at Arnett’s Country Store:

If I were told to make a comment on the creations of Arnett Santas; without a doubt, I would say, “It’s the best Santa I have ever seen.”  It is famous for the handmade snowy Santa Clauses that are much more realistic and eye-catching for everyone. Here are the 3 best Arnett’s Santa Clause to buy.

1. 2021 Tall Arnett Santa with Sheep:

Tall Arnett Santa with sheep; is probably one of the best statues you can ever find in your whole life. This Santa is tall. It acquires a height of 26” height. It is wearing a red coat and a very long blue & white striped Christmas hat. This Santa is holding an American flag. The most noticeable factor is its rustiness. The whole statue seems rusty. The skin color of Santa is pale yellow, his dress somehow feels old and yellowish. The flag he is holding has lost its color. The whole statue creates vibes of old times. 

This Arnett’s Santa is available for only $ 190.

2. Large Santa sitting and holding Candy Cane:  

A 32” large Santa sitting on a table is can be one of the best attractions for your home. This Arnett’s Santa is wearing a red coat, not fully covered with it, and a very long red Santa cap. Santa is holding a large handmade candy stick. The whole statue itself seems like a story. Here Santa is looking like a traveler or an old homeless man. Something that relates and immediately melts our hearts and gets attached to our souls. 

This large Santa Clause is available only at $ 148.00 on the official website.

3. Red Stripe Nightgown Santa holding a letter:  

Have you ever written a letter to Santa and expected it to be reached and read by the Santa Clause? Everyone’s childhood wish. Well, this statue of Santa Clause is here to fulfill that wish. The height of this Santa Clause is 20”. This large Santa is wearing a red strip nightgown.

He has a candle in his hands and holding a letter that is written to Santa from a girl named Sally. Another beautiful story told by one handmade art craft and a realistic interpretation of thought. This Arnett’s Santa is way better than anyone present in the market. It is available only for $ 148.00 at the official website of Arnett’s country store.

Final Thoughts

This was all about Arnett’s Country Store, where you can find interesting and mind-blowing stuff like Santa merchandise and other things. So what are you waiting for? Go and visit that place.

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