B Real Net Worth, Personal Life, Career 2023

B Real Net Worth, Personal Life, Career 2023

Who hasn’t heard the name B real? In the world of entertainment and the segment of rapping zone of singing b real is not just a name; it is an emotion for many people and a favorite of millions. B real is a brand itself. How much do you know about b real? Do you know B real history? Do you know how much B real net worth is? 

Here I am today to tell you each and every detail of B real. So let’s go.

Who is B real?

B-real is a famous artist in the zone of rapping and metal music. Louis Mario Freese commonly known by his stage name b real was born on 2nd June 1970. He was born in Los Angeles, California. 

B real was born in a Mexican family. However, his mother was Cuban. Other than this b real has a sister. His mother left his father when Louis was only 5 years old. Then they moved to the south gate, California. 

During his school days, he became friends with Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace.  These two people have worked with Louis in Cypress Hill. 

In his early life, B Real become addicted to drugs. He was in bad company and become an active member of a drug-dealing group. At the age of 17, in a gang war with his rival drug group, he was shot with a hollow-point, 2-caliber bullet. This bullet punctured his lung. This incident shook his life. He was at the door of death but somehow he survived and recovered. After that, he changed himself into a good person and focused totally on his music career for his future life. Today B real age is 51 years. Today B real net worth is a total of $8 million dollars.

After that decision, he changed his life. He then went on the continuous release of several albums, and solo ad collaborations. 

B Real professional life:

Louis Mario Freese is an American actor and musician. After the terrific incident of a gang war where he took a bullet in his lungs, he decided to step out of all those bad habits and focus fully on his music passion. He started with Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace.

They used to belong to a group whose name is Cypress Hill singers’ group. In this group, he released many hit albums. Some of them are Cypress Hill, Skull and Bones, and Black Sunday. When he started making music, he wanted to show his threatening and horrific life incidents as fiction through his songs. 

During Cypress Hill’s journey he also produced many albums like Black Sunday, ‘Till Death Do Us Apart’ and ‘Elephants on acid’. Louis Mario Freese also did solo albums like ‘The Harves’ and ‘Gangslinger’.

While working on his first project of music, he developed his distinctive high-pitched, nasal rap style. Before this, he was rapping in his normal voice. One day DJ Muggs warned him about this and told him to develop a new style of his own unless he would be overshadowed by Sen Dog.

B Real Personal life

B real was born on 2nd June 1970 in the family of a Mexican father and a Cuban mother. As per the reports he also has a sister. He went to Bell High School but he soon dropped his studies and never went to college. The reason behind it is supposed to be his passion for music. But the reason is uncertain.

At a young age, he was addicted to drugs and was an active member of a drug dealer gang. At age 17 he suffered a great loss when he was shot with a bullet by a rival drug dealer gang in the city and his lungs got heavily injured. After this incident, he left everything behind and transformed his course of life. 

B real made several albums and did many stage performances with various groups. But even though he is a celebrity, he is not much social person. He keeps his personal life out of his glamorous life. We don’t really have the data on his love life or his marriage but as per the information he had a past relationship with a girl.

Unfortunately, it did not last for long enough. Reports say that b-real has a son from that relationship. In 2008 he married his longtime girlfriend. B real and b real wife had a baby girl from this marriage and his family is currently living in California with a happy life.

B Real works:


  • Smoke n Mirrors(2009)
  • Tell you something(2021)

With Cypress Hill:

  • Cypress Hill(1991)
  • Black Sunday(1993)
  • III: Temples of Boom(1995)
  • IV(1998)
  • Skull & Bones(2000)
  • Stoned Raiders(2001)
  • Till death do us apart(2004)
  • Rise up(2010)
  • Elephants on acid(2018)

Prophets of Rage:

  • The party’s over(2016)
  • Prophets of range(2017)

With Psycho Realm:

  • The Psycho Realm(1997)


  • The Gunslisnger(2005)
  • The gunslinger part:II(2006)
  • The gunslinger part:III(2007)
  • The Harvest vol 1: the mixtape(2010)
  • The Meditation(2014)
  • The prescription( as Dr. Greenthumb)(2015)

With Berner:

  • Prohibition(2014)
  • Prohibition part 2(2015)
  • Prohibition part 3(2016)
  • Los Meros(2020)

Serial Killers:

  • Serial Killers(2013)
  • The murder show(2015)
  • Day of the Dead(2018)
  • Summer of Sam(2020)

B Real Net Worth

B real net worth is almost about $8 million. He lives in California with his family. Well everyone can measure B real net worth as per his money but he acquires more than just money. Well, I am eagerly waiting for Cypress Hill’s new Song. What about you?

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