Basils on Market Restaurants: Did You Visited Here?

Basils on Market Restaurants: Did You Visited Here?

The basils on market are so good, and they have cheap prices! I was walking down the street when I smelled them. They were fresh and fragrant and they made my mouth water. The basils had a nice green color with purple specks sprinkled throughout.

Some of them looked like they were wilting, but others still had their vibrant colors. I picked up some basils to take home with me. They smelled great in my house as well, and when I cooked them for dinner that night they tasted perfect as well! This article about basils on the market will be your favorite one to read.

About Basils on market:

The two friends met when they were in their early 20s, became fast friends, and began dreaming of starting a restaurant. They felt like the time was right to do just that with all the experience they had gained from working for other restaurants throughout Ohio.

The bistro would have affordable American fare and be very welcoming as well which is why it’s called a “Neighborhood Bistro.”

Chef Todd Uhlir’s and Jeffrey Finklestein’s passion for great food inspired the opening of Basil’s on Market, a restaurant that celebrates fresh ingredients. The name is an homage to these local farmers who grow their produce right down the street from where they serve it up in Troy, Ohio.

Basils on market outlets:

Basils on market is a restaurant that serves food and drinks. It has some outlets in South Korea, New Zealand, and the United States of America.

Each location inspires guests to enjoy creative comfort foods made with fresh herbs grown just down the street from each restaurant’s home base – look out for more locations coming your way!

Basil Dayton Ohio

In the two years since opening, Basil’s has seen success. Now with a second location in Dayton on the banks of Miami River guests can enjoy great food and watch it go by on their patio while relaxing or having conversations.

Mason Outlet

Basil’s is expanding their empire to the Mason suburb of Greater Cincinnati. The new location features a light, airy main dining space and cozy rooms for private parties.

In their travels, Jeff and Todd found that they had a shared love for food. They soon discovered the joy of cooking meals with ingredients from local farms to share time spent together as friends or family in an environment where everyone is welcome; this became Basil’s vision.

Basils On Market Menu:

The menu at basils is really simple. They have a bunch of sandwiches, salads, and soups to choose from.

I had the gyro sandwich with basil pesto sauce on it, and I loved that healthy fresh flavor that came through in every bite! There were also plenty of options for vegetarians as well which was great because I am vegetarian.

I would definitely recommend basils to anyone who is looking for fresh, healthy food that tastes great!

Basil’s menu:

  • Soups: basils has a great lentil and barley soup that is hearty, healthy, and delicious. They also have some other soups like tomato bisque, chicken tortilla soup, or creamy mushroom soup.
  • Salads: basils make a lot of salads for their customers to choose from! There are lots of great options to choose from, but I liked that they had a salad with basils in it called “basil bistro.” The basils on their menu are really good and make the salads even better.
  • Meats: basils has some meat dishes like chorizo kielbasa or basil beef burgers for those who are not vegetarian.
  • Vegetarian: basils have plenty of options for vegetarians, like the basil pesto sandwich that I had! They also have a bunch of great salads as well with some really fresh and healthy ingredients to choose from.

Basil’s troy hours:

It is open for lunch and dinner. They are closed on Mondays, but they are open every other day of the week from 11 am-11 pm which is pretty great!

They also have a bar area where you can order drinks while you wait for your food to come out or if you just want to sit there and have a drink while you wait for your party to arrive.

The Neighborhood Bistro, as it is called in Troy, Ohio was established with the idea of creating an atmosphere that makes guests feel welcome and at home from day one. The bistro serves up affordable American fare and has plenty of options so everyone can find something they like.

Bazil’s brunch:

The bazil bustled with people on their lunch break, the air alive as they hustle to and from a ton of different foods. Groups chat away over heaping plates while gifts piled at tables hint at special occasions in celebration.

The Tuscan style décor is just one sign that this Italian restaurant chain has perfected itself into an international operation–arched doorways adorned by painted textures mimic real-life Italy beautifully!

Brunch Menu at Basils on Market:

The best of the brunch selections were beef and pork meatballs, which left me feeling full for hours afterward. Deep-fried crispy bang bang shrimp had a bit of a mildly spicy glaze that complimented the taste buds well.

A broccoli salad with bacon, red onions, and cheese brought to mind summer picnics as memories flooded back in time. People have enjoyed slices of cheese pizza – its gooey mozzarella delightfully melted on his tongue while they greedily devoured it by the slice.

Also, Basils offer sandwiches and soups for those looking for something quick and easy to eat during their lunch break! They also offer salads which are really good because they have some tasty basil.

Online order at Basils on Market:

Catering for all your needs with Basil’s Catering! We offer a wide range of services and packages to accommodate any event. Our team is available 24 hours, 7 days per week so you can get in touch anytime! What are the benefits? With our catering service, we take care of everything from start to date- including set up and clean up at no extra charge.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your guests will be well-fed without having to worry about anything else. And if you’re looking for even more great features such as custom menus or gourmet food items, look no further than Basils’ Catering today!


All of the basils on market will be at this year’s Basil On Market. Join us for a day filled with food, fun, and most importantly all your favorite varieties of fresh herbs! We can’t wait to see you there!

When your stomach is grumbling, you know where to go. Basil’s on Market has been a family-owned and operated restaurant for three generations in Troy, Ohio since the 1950s.

They are known as an everyday favorite that offers something special every day of the week: breakfast served all day long so it can be enjoyed any time; lunch specials such as our famous chicken salad sandwich or grilled salmon Caesar wrap with fries; dinner favorites like homemade lasagna or tomato basil soup.

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