Broadvox CLEC LLC- Company news and profile

Broadvox CLEC LLC- Company news and profile

What is a VoIP provider? A business body that offers VoIP services directly is a VoIP provider. Similarly, Consumers or businesses are the customers of these entities. VoIP is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. They help the IP networks to perform the functions of a telephone. That means it helps the networks make and receive phone calls. VoIP follows the SaaS model.

The definition of SaaS is software as a service. In this model, the delivery of software is as a service rather than a product. The provider hosts the software rather than downloading directly by the user. Accordingly, VoIP providers let customers subscribe to services instead of selling software to them. However, the broadvox clec llc is one such company.

For business communications this company provides VoIP. CLEC stands for competitive local exchange carrier. Usually, CLEC is a local telecommunication company competing mostly in the US and Canada. Similarly, LLC stands for limited liability company.

Working of VoIP

  • First, they use packet switching technologies in transmitting voice over IP Networks.
  • Second, they use a set of protocols while working:
  1. RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) – For transporting media streams.
  2. SIP (Session Initialization Protocol) – For point to point imitating phone functions like dialing and initiating transmissions.
  • Third, they break voice or audio data into small packets. Subsequently, send data through IP networks in packets.
  • Fourth, at the destination, they reconstruct the data.
  • Fifth and finally, after reconstruction, they deliver audio data as same as a regular phone call.

However, the main specialty is that all these happen in real-time without delay. This is what happens in Broadvox CLEC LLC.

How VoIP differs from a normal landline?

The way of data transmission is the main difference between a VoIP and a regular line. VoIP utilizes packet-switched telephony in calling across IP networks. Similarly, access to these calls can be from any internet supporting devices. The Broadvox CLEC LLC provides for the same.

However, a normal landline works on circuit-switched telephony through a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Access to these calls is only through traditional telecom providers. Similarly, they connect specific phones and locations. Hence, such calls limit mobility.

VoIP: Advantages

  • First, cheap and economical.
  • Second, more features without premium charges.
  • Third, the service is expandable and multi accessible.
  • Fourth and finally, flexible and mobile.

All these are plus points of Broadvox CLEC LLC.

VoIP: Disadvantages

  • First, compulsory internet for working.
  • Second and lastly, not so secure as third parties are involving in data transfer.

Broadvox LLC

First, what is Broadvox? Second, is Broadvox support good? Broadvox is an LLC. Similarly, they are good local exchange carriers. It is a business communication VoIP service provider company. The company offers voice and data network solutions for: –

  • Telecommunications
  • Cable
  • Wireless Carriers
  • ISPs means Internet Service Provider 
  • ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Provider)
  • Over-the-top service providers are the full form of OTT 
  • MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
  • And many other business partners

The Broadvox CLEC LLC conducts its own CLEC facilities. The Broadvox reviews are also great. They are the major VoIP players in the world. Similarly, they provide wholesale VoIP solutions to their subscribers. However, they are also compatible with SIP and VoIP trunks for small businesses. In addition, the plan for small businesses like below are also available with this wholesale giant: –

  • 05 Extensions
  • Fax to email accounts-05.
  • 05 Mailboxes with voicemail facilities
  • 01 Conference room
  • 01 Call Queue and
  • 02 Auto attendants

About Broadvox Company

  • 2001 was the year of establishment of Broadvox CLEC LLC.
  • Starting of the company was as a wholesale VoIP carrier.
  • The headquarter of Broadvox is Cleveland, one of the major cities in the US state of Ohio.
  • They have additional offices at: –
  1. First, Atlanta
  2. Second, Georgia
  3. And finally, Dallas
  • Similarly, in 2003, they start providing SIP origination and termination.
  • As a result, an increase in the quality of voice transmission helps them in expanding their service offerings. 
  • However, in 2005, Onvoy was successful in acquiring Broadvox.

Broadvox products

The Broadvox CLEC LLC provides different VoIP services and products. First, toll-free call origination and call termination services are two very important products by Broadvox. Similarly, they also give A-Z termination in calls. Next, SMS, LRN (Local Routing Number) services, Voice peering, etc are also some of the products offerings by the company.

About Broadvox network

  • The Broadvox CLEC LLC has a network of 10 G carrier-grade.
  • As a result, they handle over 20 billion voice and data minutes annually.
  • However, they use technology and high-density hardware from: –
  1.  Sonus Networks
  2.  Juniper Networks and 
  3.  Cisco Systems

Similarly, they are also having core switching centers at:-

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Denver
  • Toronto and
  • Seattle

They have a Tier 1 network that has great coverage even in:-

  • Continental United States
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • The U.S. Virgin Islands and
  • Canada
  • In addition, they are also providing Broadvox customer service which has its base in the US.
  • The Broadvox customer service includes 24-hour support for Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators.
  • They are also the prime carriers who have to customize the online user portal on the Broadvox website.
  • However, these user portals offer to provision and requesting phone numbers.
  • Similarly, they also have a specialty in reviewing account information.

Federal Communication Commission on Broadvox

A public notice, DA No. 16-238 of date 03 Mar 2016 by Federal Communications Commission describes the Broadvox-CLEC law enforcement. In the public notice, Onvoy LLC gets the authority of transfer of control of Broadvox company. As a result, Onvoy LLC now controls Broadvox.

Summing Up

The Broadvox CLEC LLC has plans for small and large enterprises. As a result, to enjoy the benefits of VoIP use of Broadvox LLC will be a better option. Similarly, choosing Broadvox will earn you a better VoIP provider for your company. They provide the most bang for your buck. Not only VoIP, but Broadvox also offers an entire business communication solution. As a result, instead of settling for the cheapest VoIP service go for Broadvox LLC. Truly, It will solve every communication needs of your business.

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