Business Development Jobs and Their Importance in a Firm

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

Any company whether working in any field of expertise, they have a lot of departments with different work assigned to them. Business Development Jobs are one of them. Each one of them has a very unique and important role in the company itself. And every section has its own merit and demerits. 

But if you are one of those few people who really like challenges and also high rewards according to those challenges, I bet no other sector can serve you better than business development jobs. 

On the other hand, If you simply divide the whole work process of a company; you will find two divisions; one is manufacturing, packaging, legal issues, and much more which brings the outgoing cash flow for the company and the other one is business development jobs like strategies, ideas, leading sales and business expansion which create the incoming cash flow for the firm. 

This simplification does one very true thing for me. It shows how important business development jobs are. These jobs really play a vital role for the firm as they bring the annual profit for the company and this annual turnover and companies gives salaries to all their employees with this only. 

What are Business Development Jobs?

Business development jobs are the cornerstones of any company. The primary objective of this position is simple; to increase the total revenue of the company. These jobs also create strategies and give ideas for better performance. They explore new market opportunities and new trends to keep their company stable and growth-oriented in the market. 

Depending on the industry employees also do networking, event management, attending conferences, and generating leads.

What would be your everyday work?

  • Your everyday work would be calling your present clients and doing cold calling for prospective customers. This is directly connected to generating leads.
  • People will develop healthy professional relationships with consumers and other clients. 
  • You will be a part of finding out new opportunities for the growth of the company. It includes new places for expansion, new market-leading factors and trends, and high-potential clients to work with. 
  • And you will also design the strategies and lead a marketing team for better sales of the product of the company.
  • You can also go for fieldwork like meeting and making a deal with your client.
  • You will give your honest opinions about the product you are going to sell in the market.

What kind of skills do you need for Business Development Jobs?

Business development indeed is work for skillful people. It is true that for business development jobs you don’t need a specific degree but yes it would be beneficial for you if you are a graduate. But you must need some incredible skills for working in this department of the company. They are as follows:

  • Communication skills: 

One skill that each and every business development workshop teaches its trainees is communication skills. As you are working in business development positions, you will have to maintain a long healthy business relationship with your clients. 

  • People skills:

People skills are one of those skills which have high demand in today’s world. As a manager of business development, you will have to deal with multiple high-potential clients from different industries too and you must know how to negotiate with them while maintaining decorum and faithfulness with them.

  • Strategic skills:

Being in business development positions you may work to make a long-term strategy for the overall growth of your company. This requires a highly strategic mind with real-life problem-solving skills. 

Technical skills like S.W.O.T. analysis, and analytics comes into manager training.

  • Technical skills:

It is not mandatory to have high technical skills for business development jobs but as per the requirements of the modern world, without any kind of technological knowledge, you can stand nowhere. 

A business developer must need to adopt the basic technical skills that can help him/ her to access and maintain the database of clients, new projects, budgets, annual turnover, profit and loss, and events and expansions. Having technical knowledge also gives a positive impression on clients also. Here are some techniques you must acquire:

  1. Microsoft office suite.
  2. Online meeting tools.
  3. Marketing software.
  4. Accounting software.
  5. Social media tools. 
  • Business and marketing skills:

Other than any other skill one must have to acquire business and marketing skills to be in this field. This skill is most important for a Business Developer. Understanding and predicting the future market, taking proper surveys for better strategies, preparing great deals that profit both sides; consumers and company, and giving ideas and reviewing present or upcoming products.

This skill only can give you a respected place in any organization.

What is the ladder of business development jobs?

Business development jobs have a very wide range of positions in an entire company. It includes many departments and many positions. Business development jobs are one of the most important parts of a company and build a bridge between many other departments like manufacturing, accounts, human resource, product management, sales & marketing, networking, and much more. 

This very wide system is controlled by a large team of business development officers. The below-given list is a ladder of business development positions:

  • Business development president
  • Vice president of Business Development 
  • Business development assistant vice president
  • Business development assistant general manager
  • Senior Manager of Business Development 
  • Business Development Assistant Senior manager
  • Business development manager
  • Associate of Business Development 
  • Business development trainee. 

Above are the different business development positions that you can find in a company. Names of this position can vary like global international development officer or international business development officer. 


The business development field is no doubt a very rewarding field of work but it really demands your 100 percent focus and dedication towards this work. Whereas some people feel this very hard and uncomfortable, others play it with love. So if you want to explore the world of business development field and want to know if you are fit for this or not; you can also apply for an internship or part-time business development job.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it has given you some information about the industry.

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