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USI Bookstore: University of Southern Indiana Bookstore

Are you planning to rent or buy academic books from the USI bookstore? Yes! Well, this is the right decision made by you. Most of the time, we are through with our credit, graduate, or undergraduate courses and we can’t decide on the books. Whether to sell or keep them for unlimited time ourselves. The decision is quite stressful. Isn’t it? Well, the University of Southern Indiana has come up with a great initiative.

This initiative is the ideal choice for students who wish to buy or sell their books or other apparel or merchandise at a faster speed and at highly competitive prices. If you are planning to seek admission to this innovative university lately, there are certain things that you need to know in advance. One of them is about their newly launched bookstore feature. Don’t despair!

We have curated the bookstore details to persuade you to the same university to get maximum benefits from their bookstore facility.

What is the USI Bookstore?

The University of Southern Indiana has come up with an innovative idea to give an extensive range of buying options to its students. Yes! This innovative step is the USI bookstore.

The innovative bookstore came up back in the year 2013. The students maximum benefitted from this naïve technique. It tends to provide enormous opportunities for students to sell, buy, or rent their books. The rates are highly competitive with faster shipping rates too.

The students at the USI will have the choice of charging reading material and supplies to their records with the Bursar’s Office, which will consolidate bookshop charges with educational costs and other University costs, permitting understudies to set up installment designs that best fit their necessities.

The bookshop likewise will proceed with its drive to urge understudies to help their University and set aside cash by coordinating with reading material rental costs. In the event that understudies discover lower rental costs at neighborhood stores, they are urged to alarm bookshop staff and rental costs will be coordinated. Confirmation of the current distributed cost is required and coordinating with the program doesn’t make a difference to online sellers.

What all are available at the USI Bookstore?

There are a lot of buying options available at the USI bookstore. These range from textbooks, apparel, gifts and accessories, supplies, and electronics. In addition, the USI campus store extends a special provision for their students. It is the opportunity to sell their used books. The step-by-step guide is mentioned below for your convenience.

Sell your books

  • Look out for the books that you are interested in selling

You can do this in two ways. Firstly, search for the specific book using the ISBN number. Or secondly, search USI textbooks using your purchase history in the bookstore.

  • Get the packing ready to ship

Secondly, you need to prepare your order. You need to begin by packing the list of desired books for sale. You need to use the pre-paid label that is available for free at the bookstore. This is further sent to your email ID as well, once you confirm your quote.

  • Packing and sending the order

Lastly, you need to pack the entire list of books in order. After that, you have to send the order labeled with the pre-paid shipping label. Next, you are liable to receive payment. The payment could be either through PayPal or even a check could deliver to you within 3 weeks from the successful order completion.

  • Return the rental books

Start with printing the label using your order number. This is available in the confirmation email sent to you, at the time of ordering the rental books. This way, in order to rental solution, the USI bookstore also has a provision to return your rentals.

What are the USI Bookstore hours?

The USI bookstore hours are operative from Monday to Friday. Hence, the bookstore is operating from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM from Monday to Friday. Although, there are a few exceptions on special occasions as well. So, it is of great help, if you plan your visit by speaking to the experts at the bookstore beforehand.

USI Bookstore phone number

USI directory for students to connect their queries with the experts at the bookstore facility is available. The phone number is (812) 464-1717.

About the University of Southern Indiana

In addition to the special provision of the bookstore, you should get to know the university a little bit as well.

  1. The university was founded back in the year 1965. It is a higher education institution.
  2. It extends a minimum of 130 credits, undergraduate, and graduate courses for students.
  3. Every year, the university enrolls a minimum of 10,000 students from across the world in this diverse range of courses.
  4. It spreads in 1,400 acres of beautiful campus in Evansville, Indiana.
  5. The USI provides a diverse range of credit, undergraduate, or graduate programs through:
  • Firstly, the College of Liberal Arts,
  • Secondly, Romain College of Business,
  • Thirdly, the College of Nursing and Health Professions, and
  • Finally, the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education
  1. The University of Southern Indiana is a Carnegie Foundation Community. This solely aims to provide an extensive range of subject courses to students. Annually, the university seeks admissions of around 20,000 students through different outreach and engagement programs.
  2. The USI is also providing the opportunity to study abroad in around 60 different countries.
  3. In addition, USI is a host as well. Specifically, for international students that wish to study abroad.
  4. The university is an active and competitive member of:
  • First, NCAA Division II and
  • Second, the Great Lakes Valley Conference.
  1. Additionally, the university provides 17 types of intercollege sports championships for men and women.


This was all about the ideal innovative approach by the University of Southern Indiana. It is of great help to students as well as the college in general. So, if you are planning to seek admission at this renowned institution, one more reason is available to you, to persuade you to the admission procedure at the earliest.

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