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The coinranking is an online tracking of all cryptocurrencies in the world, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, etc. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed as a medium of exchange that uses encryption technology to protect its transactions. Similarly, they also manage the creation of additional units, and censor transferred assets. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of digital currencies, as well as altcoins and virtual currencies.

This is a dais for exchanging sovereign information on all cryptocurrencies, providing prices, charts, ratings, etc. This also deals with more than 10,460 different coins. It is popular among cryptocurrency users who frequently register on the market. 58% of users access coin ranking on their mobile phones, and 39% access them on the desktop. 

More than half of the coinranking traffic comes from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. On average, visitors browse three pages and spend nearly five minutes on the site. As a result, coin ranking is an overview of the cryptocurrency market, including total market capitalization, trading volume, and the number of coins.


  • The coinranking assets counting billions.
  • One day the whole world will buy a cryptocurrency and will keep an eye on crypto rankings.
  • Similarly, they will also use it in their daily life.
  • They have faith in the world that all industries will be using millions or even billions of digital assets.
  • Aggressively confident and self-assertive on crypto. 
  • Their young team comprises passionate entrepreneurs.
  • Similarly, this team is full of multidisciplinary skills.
  • And hence, they are happy to make cryptocurrency available to each one.
  • Contribution to the world.
  • They reduce the world’s financial inequality.
  • However, this is possible by providing the most accessible data.
  • Hence people can make conversant decisions about the value of cryptocurrency price
  • Original a Dutch company. 
  • The start of coinranking was in Groningen, the Netherlands.
  • The entrepreneurs usually ride their bikes to work every day.
  • Similarly, this was because of their enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies.
  • However, they also share about TV shows and video games every day in coin ranking firms.

Different partners of coinranking

There are a lot of partners for coinranking. The main partners are the following: – 

  • Indacoin
  • Okex
  • Etoro
  • Koin
  • Jaxx Liberty
  • Coin Gaming
  • BPSAA Partner
  • Coinzilla
  • Buy-Sell Ads

Methodology on rankings

The coinranking classifies all cryptocurrencies on market capitalization. However, the current cryptocurrency prices must meet the minimum transaction volume. Similarly, it must also pass its filters to prevent classification manipulation. They also use a weighting average of trading volumes from hundreds of exchanges to calculate prices. The website ranks the cryptocurrencies on the market cap by dividing them into three tiers: –

  • Tire 1 consists of trading volume greater than 3 BTC. Here, validation of supplies is by crypto rankings.
  • Similarly, tire 2 consists of a trading volume of less than 3 BTC. Here also the validation of supplies is by coin rankings.
  • However, tire 3 has a nil trading volume. Whereas in this case, the validation of supplies is not on the basis of crypto rankings.

They also calculate the volume-weighted average price of every coin at an interval of 60 seconds.

Features of coinranking

  • Live prices
  • Real-time cryptocurrency prices, charts, comments, market value, etc.
  • More complete data about all digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, collectibles, and NFTs.
  • Similarly, the latest information, intuitive user interface, and simple settings.
  • The most cryptocurrencies available
  • Obtains pricing information for more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies.
  • However, they include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, DDK, Bitcoin vault, etc. 
  • Many crypto exchanges
  • They can provide accurate data by integrating more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • However, these exchanges include Binance, OKEx, CoinDCX, Bitoffer, and CoinBene. 
  • The only one with non-fungible tokens
  • They are the first price tracker to display data on non-fungible tokens (unique digital items).
  • Discover collectibles such as CryptoKitties and Gods Unchained. 
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Discover all cryptocurrencies, exchanges, trading pairs, and NFTs without any confusion.
  • Similarly, their cryptocurrency data is available to everyone
  • Dark theme
  • The site and its app also provide a dark theme.
  • Similarly, a lot of people are fond of such a dark theme.

Anti-fraud filter by coinranking

Implementation of filters to prevent short-term fraud in currency classification by coin ranking are the following: –

  • The trading volume of cryptocurrency must reach 3 BTC within 24 hours.
  • However, if the last crypto prices today are 50 times higher than the previous cryptocurrency list price, the price code is ignored.
  • They must “confirm” the liquidity.
  • One can also filter the coin list according to the fill level requirement.

External data sources in coinranking

    • (De)Central exchange to determine prices.
    • Prevent browsers to determine offers.
  • Community information, such as coin descriptions, badges, websites, social media, etc.

Methods to get rid of fake volume by

There are several reports on money laundering activities in cryptocurrency exchanges. Similarly, the Blockchain Transparency Institute report is one of them. However, they strive to make the cryptocurrency market more transparent. As a result, they are always looking for ways to mesh out commercial money laundering that leads to counterfeiting. If their community reports detectable money laundering in certain markets, coinranking will take appropriate action against these commercial markets.

Summing Up

Although you can certainly use Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, etc, the real benefits of cryptocurrency are much broader. The current generation of cryptocurrency is a phase as currency. Similarly, the social and financial concepts were the reason for its mass adoption and cannot be easily forgotten. The above ideas represent only the tip of the digital iceberg in terms of potential social and financial benefits.

Take advantage of the additional technical advantages of value growth, smart contracts, and other encryption utilities like coinranking. There is no doubt that they will play an important role in people’s lives soon. The more you know about what coinranking can do today, the more beneficial it will be to your life tomorrow. You may even want to create your cryptocurrency usage in this relatively new and open space.

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