Companies That Have The Most 6 Figure Earners

Companies That Have The Most 6 Figure Earners

Finding the most 6 figure earners in the USA is flexible because it has a lot of successful companies with 6 figure incomes. These companies know how to respect their employees and give them what they deserve. A deserving candidate with the right skills and education can quickly fill a 6-figure salary position in the US. Although, it depends on the profession you choose. According to recent research on which company has the most 6 figure earners, most high-paying jobs are in the tech and healthcare industries.

Of course, these industries require many years of advanced education and experience in the tech industry. However, non-tech companies like gaming company Playstation also pay high salaries to their employees. The report in 2019 on companies with the most 6-figure earners found that tech companies in the top 10 dominated the list. Because there is a lot of potential in the tech industry right now, we will talk about the top 5 companies that pay their employees a 6-figure salary.

5 Companies that have the most 6-figure earners

In addition to tech, some consulting and finance companies have the most 6-figure earners. Most of the top high-paying companies are situated in San Francisco or Washington. They are incredibly successful and respect their employees by paying what they deserve. These companies offer a reputable income to their employees and increase their standard of living. 

However, employers must consider factors other than salary, such as leadership and company culture. The list includes known companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., with annual revenue of more than a hundred billion US dollars. Let us take a keen look at the top 5 companies on the list. Following are the companies that have the most 6-figure earners:-

1. Microsoft- 

Industry– Enterprise Software, computer hardware, internet. 

This American multinational technology company is well-known for its software and hardware products. Offering a salary of at least $1,00,000, Microsoft tops the list of companies with the most 6-figure earners. Around 1,22,500 employees and has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It is a tech company that provides social networking services, software development, electronics, and many more.

It has a revenue of around USD 143 billion. Popular departments you can apply in Microsoft are Finance, Engineers, Human Resources, Sales, etc. This company has a lot of scopes as it is growing continuously.

2. Google- 

Industry– Internet 

We all know this company and expect this name in the list of companies with the most 6-figure earners. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998, and it is the most-used search engine today. Google, headquartered in Mountain View, California, has around 1,32,121 employees.

 It has an annual revenue of around 162 billion (USD) and pays its employees an average annual salary of $1,17,921. This exciting platform combines vision, creativity, flexibility, honesty, and enthusiasm. Therefore, it makes sure to keep its users satisfied in multiple ways. Popular posts in Google are technical account manager, software engineer, sales director, etc.

3Apple Inc 

Industry- Computer Hardware, software, electronics, technology, AI 

The world-famous company aims towards modernization by tapping the potential of the latest technology and AI. Experienced software engineers at Apple have a salary of more than $1,00,000. Having a revenue of 274.515 billion, Apple has around 1,47,000 employees working under it. Steve Jobs and two others founded this company in 1976. 

The company has 510 retail stores around the country. Job roles in Apple are Specialist, Expert, Operations Expert, Business Expert, and Business Pro. In comparison, popular posts are market leader, senior manager, business expert, store leader, creative writer, technical specialist, software engineer, etc.


Industry- Healthcare 

The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) was founded in 1968 by Thomas F. Frist Sr., Thomas F. Frist Jr., and Jack C. Massey and had its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. HCA has an annual revenue of US$51.336 billion. It serves people with 186 hospitals and around 2000 cities of health care. 

The company comes on the list because it has 2,80,000 employees as of 2020, and an HR at HCA gets paid around USD 123,606. In comparison, a person in sales can earn around $153,298 in HCA. Popular departments that attract HCA employees are allied health, executive and leadership, nursing, physician and practice, etc.

5. Twitter- 

Industry- Internet 

Twitter is one of the well-known platforms of the modern era. It is one of the world’s largest multi-blogging, news-sharing, and social media platforms. However, it could not compete with the latest social media handles. A lot of celebrities and ministers still use Twitter to share their opinions. Though it has significantly fewer employees (around 10,000), it comes in the list of companies with the most 6 figure earners because the average annual salary of its employees is $1,35,426. 

The company was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and three others and has 32 million active users at present. There are tons of job and internship opportunities on Twitter in departments like advertising, brand, manager, creator, etc. 

What more does this list have?

The list of companies with the most 6-figure earners does not end here. World-famous companies like Facebook, Linkedin, etc., also pay their employees more than $1,00,000 annually depending upon the post and experience of work. According to Forbes magazine, in 2016, this list had Amazon on the top with an average median salary of $1,50,000.

The salary structure on Amazon is different and has levels according to a person’s post and experience. There are several posts in a company, and every post has different job requirements and salary. Not only do these companies provide you with a high salary, but they also provide other allowances because they want to keep their employees happy and improve their reputation every day.

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