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Gillware data recovery reviews: All you need to know

Gillware Data Recovery Company started in 2004 in the USA. And at present Brain Gill is the chairman. As we know, this company aims at hardware device repair. However, it also helps in recovering the lost or deleted data. So a lot of Gillware data recovery reviews are available on social media. The Gillware data recovery reviews are mostly satisfactory. Although some of them complain of the cost the process need. But, most of the Gillware data recovery reviews say that the satisfaction of getting back the data is more than the money. As per one of the Gillware data recovery reviews, he said that the photos he got also include those that was system generated. He in his reviews claims that the money is not worth it. But some of the Gillware data recovery reviews also say that they got all the lost data.

How Gillware recovers its data?

Gillware is a pioneer service in recovering data. Till now, Gillware recovered many storage devices since 2004. For this, it has many home-grown recovery software and equipment. They have their technologies. The Engineers have lots of experience in this work. Thus, Different devices in which Gillware can recover the data are  

Hard drive data recovery

  •  When a hard drive crashes, as a result, it losses many data along with it.
  • So, for this job Gillware is the best.
  • It is able to recover data from the hard drives. With the help of displaying a number of different symptoms, including beeping and clicking.

 Flash drive data recovery

  •  Flash drive data memory is very advance.
  • So, recovery also needs much talent and technique. 
  • Gillware has remarkable knowledge
  • It can easily recover the data of SSD, smartphone, or USB flash drive.

 Virtual server data recovery

 Gillware is very useful in recovering virtual machines back. It includes ISCSI target files or LUNs.

 Raid data recovery

 Raid recovery engineers can also recover data from NAS devices and Servers.

 Gillware reviews

  • We can easily find the Gillware reviews of its proficiency in Facebook.
  • It has a page in the name “The Gillware data recovery”
  • Here, we find customers of both reviews- good or bad. 
  • But the overall rating in Facebook is 4.0 out of 5.
  • It is very sad to know that the memories I had in my whole life I lose in a minute. 
  • Usually one keeps the memories in the hard disc or a storage device. 
  • But due to some technical defect, I sometimes lose the data. 
  • If on spending some money I get this lost data back, it is worth it.
  • Because I cannot go back in time and get those memories back. 
  • So the Gillware recovery company does a great job in this field. 
  • Talking of their customer service, they have one of the best customer services.
  • Firstly, what I like is that they tell each and every point of their service. And the brief the cost the customer has to pay and the process. 
  • Secondly, they upload the data they get to the storage device.
  • Thirdly, they even send the data to a new device that is on payment. 

 Gillware data recover cost

The cost for the recovery of data by Gillware depends on two factors. 

  • Firstly it depends on how much the damage is the internal parts.
  • Secondly, it depends on how much the Gillware needs to repair the mechanical and electrical components. 
  • As a result, the recovery cost ranges from $500 to $1200.
  • In many Gillware data recovery reviews, the customers say the cost is high.
  • They also say that they don’t feel much if they get their valuable data again.

 Gillware inc

  • The company Gillware inc. is from madison, United States.
  • As we know, the Gillware industry is an electronic equipment repair and service industry.
  • It is a hub for the recovery of any type of memory device.
  • As a fact, it is one of the best in this business.

 In fact, it is the site from which one can find all the information about the Gillware company.

  • It clearly describes all its features.
  • As with all other sites, it is also an information booklet of the company.
  • As a result, It briefly describes all the problems it can solve. 
  • The contact number in it is 1-877-644-7206
  • Email-id is
  • In fact, most of the big computer giants are its partner.
  • As per this site, the different faults it deals with are-

Hard drive recovery

  • Hard drive repair
  • Mac data recovery
  • Hard drive data recovery

RAID data recovery

  • RAID 5 Data Recovery
  • Server data recovery
  • NAS data recovery
  • Deleted ISCSI target

 Virtual server data recovery

  • VMware/ESXi recovery
  • Deleted Virtual Machine
  • Hyper-V Data recovery
  • Deleted LUNs

Flash Data recovery

  • SSD data recovery
  • SD Card data recovery
  • Flash Drive data recovery

Phone Data Recovery

  • iPhone data recovery
  • Android data recovery
  • Samsung data recovery

 Data recovery reviews

 Gillware is one of the leading data recovery companies. Most of the well-known companies such as Dell, VMware, Micro-center is its partner. Coming to the reviews, the customer reviews are not bad. Most of them are fully satisfied but some have complaints. A list of some of the complaints are –

 Cost-effectiveness: Some of the customers say that the amount that Gillware claims for the recovery is not cheap. So, according to them, the money claimed is not worth the data they get back. 

 Amount of data recovery: Gillware claims that they could recover all the data. But according to some of the customers, they had recovered only 70% of the lost data.

 Customer service feedback: Some of the customers have complaints against the customer service. They say that some of the customer care couldn’t fulfill the promises they make. Moreover, sometimes the service centers delay the delivery of the data.

 Security of data: There is no security of the data given back to the customers. If one has very personal data, the technicians can see them all.  

 Quality of data: Some of the customers have complained that the images that they get back, also contain some images generated by the system. These data are not necessary but in fact, the customers have to pay even for this data which they don’t want. 


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