7 Best Tips to Make an Interactive Facebook Posts

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Written By Tabrez Ahemad

Today social media growth is not only about posting random clicks. It will not give you your desired results in today’s time. You must take your posts to the next level. This article is about interactive Facebook posts.

Now social media is in its second decade. The first mover phase is already over. Now it’s time that you must use new techniques for new-age social media. After the regular posts technique, now it’s time for interactive posts. 

Facebook ads are a great way to reach your audience, but they can be expensive if not done right. Make an interactive Facebook post that is easy to create and looks great! This tutorial will show you how to create your custom Facebook ad template using Adobe.

This blog will give you a full detailed article about interactive posts. You will also get the seven all-time proven tips to make an interactive post on Facebook. 

So without any further delay, let’s go.  

Why are interactive Facebook posts important? 

Interaction posts are essential for your overall growth. If you are running an online business, this is important for you. Interactive posts increase the conversation. People who would see your post have a high chance of getting engaged with your posts. 

More engagement in interactive posts will bring more reach. It will also increase your sales as per comparison to direct sales pitches. 

Experts say that people love brands that share their values. Brands who interact with their audience answer all their queries and give them a quality conversation over their products.  

Over 71% of people want to buy products from brands that do interactive posts.

What are interactive posts? 

Interactive posts can engage people to talk and start a conversation. Generally, most people post what they like & their views on some topic. But interactive posts ask people to participate.

These posts can be anything. One can use their intelligence and creativity to make this kind of post. It can be a meme, a trending topic, a question, or a puzzle. You can also post about what people think about a particular situation.

Interactive posts can also game.

How to make interactive posts on Facebook? 

Now you know that you need interactive posts for Facebook. Interactive group posts are a sure-shot technique to gain consumers and grow business. But if you need help figuring out where to start, here I am with seven incredible interactive Facebook post ideas. 

Questions, Quizzes, and Polls:

The simplest way to interact with your audience is by sitting a question. Raise their opinion and allow them to voice their ideas within the comments. You’ll additionally use polls and even quizzes to spice up engagement.

One technique that’s been growing in quality is victimization, which causes different reactions as ways to vote. For example, choose “Like” to vote for possibly one or decide “Laugh” to vote for another.

Provides a Peek Behind the Scenes:

What’s it like in your business? What’s your company culture?  

Your audience is also interested in your business, and behind-the-scenes posts will make the most of that. It’s a sneak peek behind the curtain and, once used correctly, can make your audience feel additional connected to your brand.

Share Videos:

Videos are a highly successful variety of content. Over a hundred and forty million individuals pay a mean of twenty-six minutes looking at video content on the platform daily.

That’s 3.64 billion minutes being watched each day. You’re missing out on various interactions if you’re not making videos.

Videos have an average engagement rate of 0.26%. This will sound like little. However, it’s considerably higher than the standard Facebook interaction rate of 0.18%.

Users fancy having the ability to interact with a whole in real-time. They will raise questions, create comments, and acquire immediate responses.  

Offer Tips:

Giving easy tips may be an excellent way to build a relationship with your audience and boost engagement. If you’re a promoting agency, you should share some marketing tips. If you’re a photographer, share a brief tutorial. Health lifestyle brand? Share cheap healthy living ideas.

You would like to be seen because of your skill in your field and the highest selection amongst your competitors. You’ll do this by giving a complimentary touch of helpful info for free. In turn, raise your audience to point out how they adopted your advice.

Play Games along with your Audience:

Word games are an excellent thanks to engage your audience. You’ll even supply your audience with a reward. For example, you can hide an exclusive discount code at intervals in the game that players can use if they solve the puzzle.

You’ll even use anagrams with multiple solutions to form a more challenging game. Different games embrace concealment clues in pictures or perhaps have a cyber-treasure hunt.

Go famous: 

Going viral is the ultimate goal of virtually every single promoting campaign. Marketers need their posts to resonate with the audience thus profoundly that they will resist sharing them.

For example, several brands have learned to use memes to their advantage. They are inherently infectious agents. Our way to travel viral is to share an unpopular opinion – in an accountable manner.

However, you want to avoid going viral for all the wrong reasons. For example, Edward Kendall Jenner and cola took a brutal hit once the general public rallied against their riot advertisement. Rather than promoting peace, they sparked a fiery online riot and were hit with a significant backlash.

Fun Product Photos:

Who said that product images got to be boring? There are many ways that you’ll flip a straightforward product photo into a fascinating post that showcases your brand’s personality.

Powerful photos sell stories, and stories sell products. Here are a couple of ideas:

Show the merchandise in use. For example, Land Rover typically shows their vehicles exploring lovely, hard-to-reach landscapes. Even a tea filter can look additional attractive once it’s delicious; steaming tea pour through it.

Use artistic visuals. For example, the Oreo cookie is renowned for victimization and exciting patterns and colors to showcase its cookies. They still keep their whole pictures interesting by merely using area and color creatively. Sell a lifestyle along with your image.


If you need clarification on whether or not an image is sweet enough, place it during a lineup with photos from competitors. If you manage to face out, you’re on the right track.

These are the seven ways you can make your posts interactive & grow your business online.

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