Taco Casa Franchise: All You Need To Know

Taco Casa Franchise: All You Need To Know

Taco Casa Franchise is a famous Mexican restaurant that was first set up in Tuscaloosa County, in west-central Alabama in the southeast of the US. Rod Wilkins is the founder of this restaurant. It is an eminent food franchise selling quality tacos and various products. Basically, the food they provide is from the inspiration by Mexican taste.

The menu of the restaurant includes tacos, burritos, nachos, etc. They also provide super salads, taco bites, and burgers. They also serve the coldest beer and that too in chill mugs. Accordingly, these specialties of the taco casa franchise make them one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

Taco Casa and its Menu

The first restaurant of the taco casa franchise was set up in Tuscaloosa in the year 1972. It’s been almost a decade still they keep the same menu. Even the color of the building is also the same. However, the main specialty of the restaurant is that the food is made only after the order.

This ensures that they provide fresh and quality food to their customers. In fact, the idea of preparation of food after ordering was new at that time. This helps in bringing a lot of attention to the food industry. The success of the business is only due to the hard work and dedication of its employees.

Taco Casa Franchise

This reputation of the company led to the Taco Casa franchise. Now there are around seventy-seven offices all around the world. 1972 marks the beginning of the Taco Casa franchise. This was only because of my love for tex food. One of the best decisions of the businessman is to buy a taco casa. Since the name of the brand and love for the food never ends, the franchise will continue to flourish.

History of Taco Casa

  • Rod Wilkins the founder of Taco Casa was an athlete from the Midwest.
  • He was brought up in Wichita, Kansas. He was a star athlete in his school.
  • His main events were football, basketball, and track.
  • He has many scholarships during his school time.
  • Once Rod was visiting a coach in Tuscaloosa, which was a turning point in his life.
  • His decision was to play for the crimson tide in Tuscaloosa.
  • As a result, he becomes an Alabama football player and starts to live in Bryant Hall.
  • However, a person from the Midwest will definitely, miss the Mexican and Tex–Mex food in Tuscaloosa.
  • This gives him the idea to open a Mexican restaurant in Tuscaloosa. 
  • As a result, he set up the restaurant, Taco Casa. This is the taco casa history. 
  • His business flourished like anything and franchisees are there all over the world

Cost of Taco Casa Franchise

  • The investment requirement for the taco casa franchise is from $ 615,000 –  $ 2,127,000.
  • The taco casa franchise cost or the franchise fee is $ 35,000.
  • The royalty fee for a franchise is 7%.
  • The minimum cash requirement for a franchise is $ 4,00,000.
  • Finally, the net worth requirement of a franchise will be $ 10,00,000.
  • The terms of an agreement on buying a taco casa will be for 20 Years.
  • However, the franchise term is renewable.
  • Finance options are also available for the franchise.

Franchise Taco Casa corporate offers third-party financing to cover:-

  • Start-up costs.
  • Equipment costs.

On buying a franchise 

Having 40 years of experience, a taco casa franchise is a successful franchise. This franchise is an exceptional product and a well-known brand. The steps for setting up a Taco Casa franchise are:-

Contacting a franchisor

  • An initial conversation is very important for you to know about the company and for the company to understand you.
  • Only after this can you understand if you and the Taco Casa company fit each other well.
  • As a matter of fact, all individuals contacting a franchise can always never be perfect for it.
  • Similarly, you will fill out an application form for pre-qualification for the franchise.
  • After reviewing your application the Taco Casa corporate will decide if they want to do business with you.

Request FDD

  • The full form of FDD is a Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • You can request this document after the initial discussion.
  • However, remember that if you break the rules of this legal document, you will lose the Taco Casa opportunity or your role as a Taco Casa franchisee.
  • Always read the document thoroughly before proceeding with the process.

Meeting the team

  • Once you proceed with FDD, the company will conduct one-on-one meetings with you.
  • They will also encourage you to get in contact with current franchisees and interact with them to learn about everything about the company.
  • This will help you in effectively running the Taco Casa franchise.
  • You can even go to the Taco Casa corporate office in the company headquarters and meet the team.
  • In fact, knowledge from the Taco Casa Wiki is simply not enough to run a franchise.
  • You have to attain it practically by visiting franchises and through various meetings with the team of Taco Casa.
  • After learning all about the brand you can sign the franchise agreement with Taco Casa.
  • Congratulations! You have become the newest Taco Casa, franchise owner.

Procuring a location

  • You must always have a potential location for the franchise in your mind.
  • You can decide to set up a franchise in a traditional location or smart locations wherever feasible following franchise agreements.
  • Look out for the available territories near you for a perfect location.


  • Signing the company franchise agreement and setting the location is not enough.
  • The company will assist you in setting up a Taco Casa franchise and teach you how to run it successfully.
  • The company will make sure that you know every nuke and corner of your new franchise.
  • The training and supports by the company are:-
  • An on-the-job training of over 200 hours.
  • A classroom training of 40 hours.
  • The company will also provide ongoing support like:
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings and Conventions
  • Grand opening
  • Online support
  • Security and safety procedures
  • Lease negotiations
  • Filed operations
  • Site selection
  • Proprietary software etc.
  • The company will also provide marketing support like:
  • Co-operative advertising
  • Ad templates
  • National Media
  • Regional advertising
  • Website development
  • Loyalty program/app etc.

Summing up

Simultaneously, always keep in mind that you are setting up a globally recognized and well-established brand with a good reputation. In fact, with tremendous brand recognition, all franchisees will benefit from training and setting up franchises, from the taco casa company. Keep in mind that this franchise is a successful franchise that has been running successfully for over 30 years.

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