Samatha Nichelle Robinson Bio, Parents, Net Worth [2022]

Samatha Nichelle Robinson Bio, Parents, Net Worth [2022]

Samatha Nichelle Robinson is a child celebrity. She became famous thanks to her father, Bumper Robinson. Bumper Robinson has worked as a voice actor in movies, television shows, and video games. Samatha enjoys popularity as a result of his popularity.

Bumper Robinson is a face, name, and voice familiar with voiceover work, movies, and TV shows. Real name is Larry C. Robinson II and joined Hollywood in 1983. Along with a thriving career, Bumper also has an admirable family including a beautiful wife and three children. When Bumper isn’t on camera, he’s a great husband and father.

However, this article is not only about Bumper Robinson, an American film, television and voice actor. We will talk about one of his lovely children, Samantha Nichelle Robinson. Keep scrolling to the end to find out all the amazing facts about the Bumper Robinson daughter and Bumper Robinson net worth.

Biography of Samatha Nichelle Robinson

The parents of Samatha Nichelle Robinson are Katherine Penton and Bumper Robinson. Her arrival into this world took place on March 31, 2011. Dakota Raemon and Braylon Colliato are her two siblings. On social media posts, the three siblings and their father are frequently pictured together. Lauren Robinson is one of her aunts, and Natalie Robinson and LC Robinson are her paternal grandparents.

Father And Their Relationship

Due to their shared love of sports, Samatha and her father Bumper Robinson have been spotted at numerous basketball games. Bumper Robinson, her father, is a well-known voice actor and TV actor.

He has created some incredible characters for “Scooby-Doo and The Ghoul School,” “Teen Titan,” and other works that internet users hope Samatha will love as she gets older. Additionally, Samatha’s father and other family members have been seen accompanying them on treks.

Mother And Their Relationship

Samatha and Katherine Penton, her mother, have a lovely bond. Little is known about Katherine’s past, but she is American and shares Samatha’s mother’s patriotism for the nation. It’s lovely to see that Katherine loves her sons Dakota and Braylon just as much as Samatha. The positive mother-daughter relationship has encouraged online viewers to believe that Samatha will someday become a lovely, modest, and gentle woman like her mother.

Samatha Nichelle Robinson Education

Samatha’s educational background is unknown. She maintains a very private personal life despite being a celebrity child. She most likely picked up on this from Katherine, who is also private about her life and personal matters.

Social Media Presence

Despite being a celebrity’s wife, Katherine has never sought out the spotlight. Samatha inherited that quality from her mother. She is not active on social media. She doesn’t even have a Facebook account, let alone an Instagram account. It’s possible that she has a TikTok account, but that’s just conjecture.

The majority of her photos are posted on her father’s Instagram, which typically shows the happy family enjoying outdoor activities or attending sporting events. However, it is well known that Samatha has demonstrated a love for basketball, so after she grows up and attends more games, one can anticipate seeing more of her.

Net Worth

Unknown is Samatha’s net worth. Her father is well-known to have a $5 million fortune. He has acquired this through his work as an actor and voice actor for movies and television shows. He first became active in the 1980s. The mother of Samatha’s does not have a known net worth.

As was already mentioned, Katherine never talks about herself, so nothing is known about what she does for a living. As a result, it is difficult to determine Samatha’s net worth. Nevertheless, based on the photos that her family posts online, it is well-known that she lives a very comfortable life.


Samatha Nichelle Robinson is a lovely 12-year-old girl who was born into fame as a result of her father’s outstanding work in the film industry. She enjoys her life at home with her parents, two siblings, and grandparents. Bumper Robinson has photos of her happy life on her Instagram page.

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